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Christmas With COVID-19. Use SMS in Your Campaigns

The holiday season is coming, one of the strongest points in the year in relation to sales. However, this atypical year because of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s crucial for companies to strengthen their selling and promotion techniques. 

Christmas and the holidays are a moment of celebration and gifts are one of the most important traditions between family and friends. Because of the current situation, online sales are at their highest point. Because of that, digital marketing is a crucial tool. But so is mobile marketing, such as using SMS that can help you sell your products. 

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Publication: 12.09.2020
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

The Advantages of SMS in Christmas

A digital marketing campaign using SMS is one of the best ways to improve your sales. Text messages are massive and quick, allows you to send big amounts in a short time. Also, they offer a high open-rate and superior against other methods like email or phone calls. 

One of the key elements for SMS to work is the Call to Action. This is a concrete and precise phrase that determines the objective of the message and motivates the receiver to carry out that action. This is very effective in times like Christmas, for example, when we want to persuade clients to buy our product. Some examples are: 

  • Don’t miss out on this offer. 
  • Take advantage of this promo and save in your holiday shopping
  • Last days to get X product
  • Make your family and loved ones happy with these presents.

Personalizing SMS

The other fundamental part is the personalization of the SMS. Sending generic messages doesn’t have the same effect as establishing a specific conversation with each client. Using a database, you can send messages using each person’s name and make them feel important. 

Sending SMS catalogs

Sending catalogs via SMS is a good idea, as there are many platforms like Issue that lets you create one online. In this way, you can attach the catalog with a shortened URL from LabsMobile, which is perfect to show your products during the holiday season. 

Toy stores, decoration stores, eCommerce, and many other types of businesses can benefit from this type of marketing.

Christmas With COVID-19. Use SMS in Your Campaigns

During Christmas-time and when it comes to online sales in general, companies compete with each other. This means clients have different alternatives to choose where to buy from. For this reason, it’s key not to have a passive strategy, waiting for clients to find us, but to be active and encourage sales with an SMS campaign.

The main purpose of SMS is to improve your sales. For this, you can use different techniques, such as:

  • Promotions and discounts: you can send promo codes attractive for your clients. An example is “Purchase this weekend and obtain 15% off by using a code”.
  • Free delivery: in a similar way, you can offer a coupon so that the home delivery for your purchase is free, especially in places affected by the pandemic. 
  • Presenting new products: this is a way of advertising new articles and make them known to the world. 
  • Bringing the whole catalog of products: using an SMS Landing, that is, an external link, you can bring people a complete catalog of your articles on sale. 

LabsMobile, your Christmas SMS Marketing platform

Also, SMS can be used with an informative goal. You can offer important information to the user. Some examples include the ads of products in stock, a notification when the home delivery is about to arrive, a possible delay in the delivery because of the pandemic, among others. Christmas with COVID does not mean being isolated, especially if you are using SMS. 

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