Published: May 19, 2020
Last update: Oct 11, 2022
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Send catalogs via SMS to your clients

Catalogue SMS
Send catalogs via SMS to your clients
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Messages between a company and its clients are very important and, because of that, sending catalogs via SMS is a communication strategy that can be very favorable to promote your business. This type of message is instant and efficient. This way, it can achieve many more users than by sending publicity using the mail, as it was done years ago. 

How does sending catalogs via SMS work?

Any physical store can benefit from sending catalogs via SMS, but we will focus our attention on restaurants. Right now, during the pandemic, SMS is a great system to be in touch with users and show them they are a crucial part of the business. 

With this service, you will attract and catch the attention of new clients. In addition to gaining more loyalty from your habitual customers. 

With SMS, you’ll be able to send exclusive offers and reminders of table bookings (today, only terraces). But you’ll also be able to send them the services you have available and the menu to send via delivery or take away. If you also add a link or a file that takes you directly to a product catalog or service, you’ll gain in communication. 

In the case of restaurants, you can send menus or daily meals. Think about an SMS with a catalog where you can see the images of the food or the whole menu with prices that will help clients make a decision. 



Send catalogs via SMS to your clients

You’ll only need to upload information through files to a platform created with that goal, like Issue. And after that, by segmenting the information in your database, you can choose your clients and send a publicity SMS. 

We recommend that you take care of marketing and if, for example, you want to send a catalog of menus for communions, you should send the message to the corresponding audience. Or if you want to promote an offer of the menu for the weekend, you should send it on Wednesday or Thursday, and not the same Saturday. 

 Advantages of using SMS to send catalogs

Next, we will give you the advantages of sending messages massively to your clients:

  • You can communicate with clients who live far away from your business because SMS will arrive no matter their location. Take advantage of this situation to communicate your intention of sending promotions with some discounts if they give you their phone number. 
  • It doesn’t matter the type of phone your users have because SMS arrive in just seconds to every model, in a safe and quick manner. 
  • You’ll gain the loyalty of your most habitual clients because you will be able to offer them the news, information about the different dishes you prepare, or even promote the taste of one of your specialties on some occasions. Use your imagination to send valuable and enriching information!
  • Being on the alert with your clients is crucial to position yourself as a serious and professional business. use the sending of your menu to take advantage of this move and notify people of the inclusion of new dishes. 

In conclusion, sending catalogs via SMS regarding your restaurant menu will be a service that clients will value and will encourage them to buy even more!