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Can I create an SMS campaign with pictures?

SMS are one of the main tools with which you can develop a digital marketing campaign. At a first glance, you may think you can only include text in them, but there are more features that allow you to include pictures in the SMS you send to your clients. For example, the visual aspect is very important for many people and, on occasion, even more relevant than words themselves. A picture can determine whether your SMS fulfills its goal or not! Let’s see, then, if it’s true that you can create an SMS campaign with pictures or not.

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Publication: 10.18.2021
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

How can you add pictures to your SMS?

To add pictures in your text messages, you have many possibilities. The first one is to add the picture as a file and the second one is to use a well-known function as SMS Landing. This consists in adding an external link in your message that the receiver can open. Once you click on the link, the user is redirected to an external site, in this case, an SMS landing with images adapted to mobile devices. Adding an SMS landing is very easy and you’ll be able to do this using LabsMobile. 

Examples of SMS campaign with pictures

You can use pictures in SMS in different ways:

  • The most common use is to complement an offer or promotion to increase sales of a product or service. For instance, a message that says “take advantage of this 20% OFF on these products during the weekend”, accompanied by an SMS landing that shows clients the products that make up the promotion. 
  • Another option is to launch a new product or service to the market. In this case, the picture is useful to show clients how the product is (its appearance), which will be catchier than just text. 
  • A picture is also a good tool for people to know the news about a company, such as opening a new shop, new personnel, changing schedules, among others. 
  • You can also use pictures as an instruction manual, when a client purchases a product that needs to be assembled, for example. 

The latest technologies in certain smartphones allow you to add a thumbnail in your message. This is very useful and appealing, just take into account that it’s not allowed in all the mobile models yet. 

Can I create an SMS marketing campaign with pictures? Of course you can!

The LabsMobile platformis completely prepared so you can add pictures to your messages using an SMS landing or files. It’s not a difficult process at all! Besides, using your control panel, you’ll be able to carry out data analysis and check out the impact of this tool in your marketing campaign. Try it today and take your SMS to the next level.

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