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Integrate bulk SMS messaging into your online shop

Integrating a bulk SMS strategy into your online shop has a large number of advantages. If you use PrestaShop, integration is even simpler. Get the benefits of SMS messaging for e-commerce without any hiccups.

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Publication: 06.19.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

How to integrate sending bulk SMS

Special SMS modules, such as the module designed and supported by LabsMobile, can be downloaded and installed in just a few steps.

The module allows e-commerce websites to utilize SMS messaging, and enjoy all its advantages.

As a business owner or manager, you can control many aspects of the service with the use of specific modules. The configuration, simple and intuitive, allows you to manage all your contacts, track the best times to send an SMS, and a lot more. This is all to project a professional image of a business and to make sure that the users of the online shop are always informed of any event or promotion.

Advantages of using SMS for your e-commerce website

What information you communicate using this method is your personal choice, but there are particular processes in the functioning of a business that could improve significantly with the use of SMS.

For example, if your e-commerce website takes orders, the ideal is to communicate with the customer at every step throughout the order process. This can be done easily and non-intrusively by sending an SMS.

Customers always like to receive regular information on events or offers. Using bulk SMS messaging to send out this information will allow you to reach potential customers more directly.

Don’t forget that SMS is more visible than a conventional email – a marketing strategy that is not particularly efficient in many cases.

But, despite the above, it could be that the greatest advantage of installing an SMS integration module in an online shop is the ability to organize customer profiles efficiently, and understanding how to respond to communications.

There are various advantages:

  • Designing personalized campaigns, direct communication with a large number of customers and the creation of consumer profiles are features that will help you to achieve your business goals.

In short, sending massive SMS has many of the necessary tools to help an online store take off, including the simple action of integrating an SMS module with a solution as practical as PrestaShop.

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