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At LabsMobile, you only pay for SMS sent

Enter an innovative era of business communication where fair rates become a palpable reality, thanks to LabsMobile.

At LabsMobile, we offer a hassle-free pricing model: no setup costs, no monthly maintenance fees. You only pay for SMS sent, with a minimum package of 9€ or 10 USD, which equals a staggering minimum of 0.5€ per month, with a duration of 18 months.

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Publication: 01.17.2024
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This simplicity not only makes our rates affordable, but also adaptable to any scenario. By combining these fair rates with the unparalleled benefits of the SMS channel, LabsMobile becomes the ideal choice for any project.

In addition, we stand out by charging neither for our exceptional support nor for access to our tools and platform, which include free premium solutions such as link shortener with custom domain, landing pages, custom senders, white labeling and premium support.

In this way, we open the doors of SMS communication and all its advantages, along with our tools, to companies of all sizes and budgets.

How do SMS credits work?

The credit system was created to make it easier to buy SMS, achieving a worldwide unification of value. The price of text messages is not the same, but varies according to each particular country. For this reason, credits work as an internal currency in the platform.

In this way it is possible to carry out campaigns or mass sendings to many destination countries without the need to buy a pack for each country. Hence, the platform will deduct the credits corresponding to each message sent according to the destination country, type of message and length of the message text.

Each user can make a purchase of credits by credit card or bank transfer -in some countries there are additional methods-. Once the purchase is completed, these credits are stored in the customer's personal account, ready for use.

How are credits acquired?

Credits can be purchased in different ways. Different types of packs are available, varying in number of SMS and price. For example, the smallest pack is 200 SMS, while the largest pack is 250,000 SMS.

The larger the quantity of the pack, the cheaper the individual cost of each SMS will end up being. Another option available is to purchase the exact amount of SMS needed.

In addition to the versatility in the purchase of credits, LabsMobile distinguishes itself by offering a simple and fast process. Our intuitive platform allows you to make purchases with ease, either by selecting a pre-designed pack or by entering the exact amount of SMS you need. You can request a quotation here.

With LabsMobile, you not only get fair rates, but also an efficient credit acquisition experience tailored to your requirements.

The use of credits in LabsMobile

When sending an SMS, the platform will indicate how many credits are needed. As we already said, the price of the messages is not the same in all countries, so it will depend on where it will be sent.

In addition, the type of message is also taken into account. SMS messages can be sent in different formats, and each one has its own cost in credits. Some examples are the standard, concatenated, certified or Unicode message.

The credits are stored in the customer's account and are used exclusively when sending the SMS. Thus, it is only necessary to pay for the messages they carry out. For example, if a marketing campaign expected to send 20,000 messages, but ended up with 15,000, the surplus will be available in the account for use at another time.

Expiration of credits

LabsMobile credits have an expiration date of 18 months. During this period, they can be used at the user's choice and preference.

For more information about our rates or if you would like a customized quote, please contact our support team.

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