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API SMS Sendings.¡Connect with your clients with your Software!

An API of SMS sending is a way of sending SMS from external software. That is, the API of LabsMobile allows any application to connect to the sending andreception SMS platform through a small integration. This easy and fast integration free of charge for the company allows for any programming language. Thus, it is compatible with a lot of environments.  

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Publication: 02.17.2020
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

The API of LabsMobile

The API of LabsMobile enables companies to send mass SMS messages from their own software automatically. 

The technical staff of LabsMobile helps companies during all the process. In this way, companies can connect their management software, CRM’s or ERP’s to include notifications, communications, follow-ups, and special offers in their SMS sendings.

The API application facilitates the task of communicating automatically with clients. The programming languages can be PHP, Java, .Net, Delphi, Perl, Linux Shell. Visual Basic, Visual C#, etc. 

In LabsMobile, you will find source codes as examples that show how SMS messages incorporate with programming languages.  

Steps to connect with LabsMobile API 

The steps to connect with the API of LabsMobile are easy: 

1 Create a copy of the user with an email address entering the registration form

Free SMS Pack

2 Enter the WebSMS with your password and set your future connectivity of the API. 

3 Choose the API version with a language and manual download.

4 Consult the additional documentation and the code examples, modules and plugins. Also, you can look at the recommendations and get in contact with the support center. 

5 Do the tests and the simulated sendings doing the first calls to the API of LabsMobile (test=1). All those test messages are free of cost.

6 Ask for the welcome Pack which gives you credits for free. To obtain it, you should give your billing data and you need that the LabsMobile team valid your account. 

7 Make your first credits purchase with LabsMobile. You will find the prices in the web and our team will facilitate them for you. It can be paid with a credit card, bank transfer or with the new LabsMobile payment methods.

8 If you want, you can set the auto refills in such a way that you don’t have to worry about recharging your credits when they run out. To avoid having problems, you can set a limit to your credits. 

9 Finally, you can consult and export all the information taken from the sent messages in the monitoring section. Some of the analyses include the sent, processed, wrong and received SMS.

API SMS sendings

The tutorial video of LabsMobile APIalso helps you in the process because you can see the steps you have to follow on how to do the integration. With LabsMobile, security is granted as well as the technical support at all times. 


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