Integrate your application with our API

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This tutorial will explain how to initiate the integration of any application or software with the LabsMobile platform for SMS communication.

Watch the video tutorial Integrate your application with our API


Create an account

Register by entering your email address. This will be the username of your account.


Log into your WebSMS account

You will receive a welcome email containing your password. Sign in to your account with your username (the email you registered with) and password at


Set your passwords

You can change your original password under the My account - Passwords tab. You can also generate API passwords to increase security and guarantee data privacy.


Choose an API version

According to your environment and experience, choose a version of our API (JSON, GET, POST, WebService, SMTP, etc) and download the manual.


Consult additional documents

In addition, you can consult the code examples, modules and plugins and the recommendations. If you have any questions, go to the Support Center from your account.


Messaging simulations

You can test the first API calls in a simulation (variable test=1). These messages don’t use up credits. See more under the MONITORING tab.


Request your welcome pack

To get test credits, first enter your account Invoicing details. It is important to enter all your information correctly so our team can validate your account.


Make your first purchase

To continue sending messages, go to Checkout – Buy credits to buy credits by credit card or bank transfer.


Set up automatic top-ups

If you do not want to run out of credits and do not worry about the top-ups, you can set the Automatic Top-ups with a limit of your balance and how many credits you want to purchase.


Results and status of sent messages

You can consult and export data on all sent messages and their statuses (sending, processing, delivering or error) from the Campaigns tab.

Watch the video tutorial Integrate your application with our API

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