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4 Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts from your E-commerce with Automatisms

E-commerce is one of the most important sales models in the market. Users make their purchases on the web, visiting the page and selecting their products. These are accumulated in a virtual cart, which must be paid at the end of the process.

From this, a phenomenon known as abandoned carts appears. These are possible sales, which are about to materialize, but which do not come true. The reasons can be several: an emergency that forces us to abandon the task, the loss of the internet connection, a conflict in the means of payment, among others.

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Publication: 04.13.2022
Categories: Ecommerce

As a business, you must take a stand to recover those lost carts. They represent a significant percentage of potential sales that are not carried out. In the same way, they are potential customers, who could become loyal to your brand, but who do not make the purchase.

Therefore, you can use different methods for the recovery of the carts.

How to recover abandoned carts?

Next, we will give you four main options that you can implement in your e-commerce to work on the recovery of abandoned carts by customers.

1 SMS text messages for abandoned carts

The first option is SMS text messages for abandoned carts. They will be your great ally, since they can be sent quickly and massively, ensuring a very high reading rate.

With SMS, you can create a three-step process, with a corresponding message for each step.

  1. The first is the sending of an SMS within one hour of the cart being abandoned. In it, you will introduce yourself with a greeting, adding a phrase about your abandoned purchase and a link that takes you back to the said cart.
  2. The second step is a message within the first 24 hours, which appeals more to the emotional state: a sadness, a farewell, or a personal distance due to the cancellation of the purchase.
  3. Lastly, you can send a third message, which is similar to the second, when 48 hours have elapsed since the cart was abandoned.

The LabsMobile platform gives you all the tools to implement this strategy. However, you should pay special attention to two points:

  • The request for the user's telephone number during the Check-out of the purchase.
  • The possibility of unsubscribing from SMS sending at any time. It must be included both in the SMS and in the site's privacy policy.

2 Email Marketing for abandoned carts

A similar option to messages is email marketing. However, it doesn't offer the same level of openness as SMS, and it can take a long time for users to read their inboxes.

This tool also allows you to create a sequence of emails, which are prepared to be sent in the event of an abandoned cart.

The first email must be sent one hour after the failed purchase, with features such as:

  • A very clear sender to show who you are
  • Reinforce the name of your store so that the user remembers you
  • You must generate the interest of the user, with words like a reminder, forgotten, and similar
  • Add the images of the products that the user was about to buy, with links to return to them.

Then, at 24 and 48 hours respectively, you can send two additional emails. These should take another approach, with a more friendly and personal tone to the conversation.

Again, you can include the images, with buttons to return to the purchase. You can also add a coupon or an additional discount, to motivate the customer.

3 The Pop-Ups for abandoned carts

Pop-ups are an ideal method for users who cancel the sale of their own volition, as a regret. These track mouse movement on desktop, when they are about to close the site, and on mobile, when the back key is pressed.

At those times these pop-ups appear. These messages must capture the user's attention instantly, with an eye-catching headline, a clear message, representative images, etc.

In addition, you can offer additional motivation for them to continue with their purchases:

  • Discount coupons
  • Free shipping
  • A store subscription
  • A consultation with a special agent

4 The use of instant messaging

Finally, you can use instant messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger. Many users prefer to communicate with the company through this channel.

At the time of abandoning a cart, the user can be prompted to get in touch instantly, via Facebook Messenger, or another alternative, to chat with an agent and change their mind.

Automated messages about abandoned carts can also be prepared so that they are sent instantly so that the potential customer accepts the communication.

4 Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts from your E-commerce with Automatisms

Abandoned carts are a very present phenomenon in e-commerce. You must take measures to combat them and recover those possible sales. SMS is one of the main tools for this, and with the help of LabsMobile, it will be very easy to do so. Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you.

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