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11 critical errors you should avoid with SMS marketing

SMS have proven to be a highly efficient tool to promote any company, product, service, or event. Their advantages are many: they are short and easy to understand while being cost-efficient and with a high open-rate (9 out of 10 are ready!), and easily personalizable. 

All of these characteristics give make SMS very attractive. However, misusing this resource can make the owner not take advantage of all the features or even hurt the image of your product. 

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Publication: 01.18.2022
Última modificación: 09.30.2022

For you to make the most out of this versatile resource, here we mentioned the 11 most common errors when sending SMS and how to avoid them.

How to prevent SMS from becoming SPAM

1 Send messages only to users who have given their consent

Ideally and as demanded by local legislations when it comes to data protection, you should create your own list and all the people there should give their consent to receive the messages you will send. In this way, they will have a better perception of your brand that will be reflected in the success of your communications.

2 Make sure your brand is visible in the sender name

If you don’t want your receiver to believe your SMS is SPAM, it’s important for the brand to be visible in the sender or the text itself (at the beginning). 

Besides, as noted in point 1, the user has given consent so they will know about the brand and have some kind of relationship with it. All of this increases the probability of your message being read, well-received, and with a high engagement.

3 Add an option to unsubscribe

This can avoid receivers (who have forgotten they subscribed or simply are not interested anymore) to classify your messages as SPAM. Remember that unwanted messages can make your number end up blocked.

4 Verify annually the confirmation of subscription 

After some time, it can happen that the receiver loses interest, their needs change, or even the number to move to another user. It is advisable to send a confirmation of acceptance between 12-18 months.

It’s also advisable not to send communications to users who have not shown interest or reacted to your last messages. In this way, you can segment your contact database into loyal users who can receive more frequent communications and users who should only receive important and sporadic messages.

More Tips to Generate Quality SMS

5 Generate specific and clear SMS

Make sure your message explains why you are contacting them. Be it an offer, a notice of payment, suspicious activity in a user account, the message should be clear, unique, and not alarming. Focus the objective of communication on just one thing and direct the user with a clear action or a link.

6 Avoid non-verified links

If you add a link to your page, blog, or account, always use secure links, generated with https and with personalized hosting (avoid shorteners or generic hostings). Sending verified messages also increases loyalty and the open rate of the messages.

7 Avoid replacing words with letters or numbers

If the text is confusing or is badly written, it will impact negatively the image of your company, product or service. To avoid this, the message should be written respecting grammar and spelling rules. Avoid the use of symbols or capital letters.

How to improve the reception of the message

8 Create segmented lists 

To increase the positive impact of SMS marketing, make sure to direct them to the correct segment. You can make different lists by age, localization, job, behavior, etc.

9 Restrict your schedules

Make sure you send messages in appropriate schedules. Receiving a message at night or during a holiday can make your possible clients hate your brand. Study your audience to know more about the best time or schedule to have better reception and success in communication. 

10 Limit the number of SMS you send

You should not abuse SMS. Send relevant communications that impact the receiver in a positive way.

11 Generate valuable content

Don’t use technical language and look for words that spark interest and make the receiver feel unique and important. For example, “exclusive offers” or “opportunities you cannot miss”.

11 critical errors you should avoid with SMS marketing

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