Message statistics

Create and use short urls in your SMS campaigns and sendings.

This video tutorial is your complete guide to viewing and understanding the statistics and results of your messages sent through LabsMobile. Understanding the reach and effectiveness of your SMS campaigns is crucial to adjust and improve your communication strategies.

Our platform is equipped with an advanced statistics section, designed to give you a detailed view of the performance of your messages. You will learn how to analyze the delivery time of your messages, as well as review the data on the number of messages sent per day, month, or any other period of your choice.

This analysis tool will provide you with valuable insight into all the results of your messaging actions. You will be able to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed decisions based on real data.

We'll also show you how to interpret this data to optimize your future campaigns. Whether you're looking to improve your delivery rate, adjust your messaging to increase engagement or simply better understand your audience, this tutorial will give you the keys to do just that.

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