Contact management

Update, segment and enhance your mobile contact databases

Learn the various functions to manage and optimize your contacts on the LabsMobile platform. This detailed video tutorial is designed to help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your SMS communications.

In the Receivers section, and more specifically in the Groups tab, you will discover how to visualize and manage all the contact groups that are part of your profile for sending SMS. This is a crucial step to ensure that your messages reach the right audiences.

We'll show you how lists can be downloaded in CSV and XLS file formats, allowing you to modify and update them as you need.

We'll also explore how you can download lists in CSCV and XLS file formats, allowing you to modify and update them as you need to.

In addition, we will explore advanced features such as removing duplicates, removing numbers included in the Blacklist, removing numbers rejected or with errors in previous sendings, and filtering valid mobile numbers in selected countries. These tools are essential to optimize both your time and the quality of your contacts.

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