Use cases and SMS applications for Hotel and restaurants

Improve the customer experience in the hospitality industry with LabsMobile. From booking confirmations to special offers, our SMS solutions offer direct and effective communication to keep customers informed.

This sector includes hotels, hostels, rural accommodations, catering services, booking portals, restaurants, bars, events or banquets...

The SMS channel for the industry Hotel and restaurants

The use of SMS for the restaurant and hospitality industry provides endless possibilities that contribute to the relationship and communication with customers quickly and efficiently. SMS messages can be both informative (transactional) and commercial SMS with the inclusion of links to web landings with any multimedia material.

Campaigns can be used to publicize the current offer or to promote a special event such as a holiday, Christmas, etc.

In addition, transactional SMS messages are of vital importance for this sector. Reservation management is a common use in many of the catering establishments and SMS communication is usually integrated with an online reservation management software.

Main sector uses Hotel and restaurants

  • Reservation confirmation
  • Reservation reminders and cancellations
  • Checkin information message
  • Information on the daily offer (menu, events, activities, etc.)
  • Offer of last places
  • Promotional and discount campaigns
  • Communication to recurring customers
  • Call for temporary personnel

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Hotel and restaurants

🏨 Carlos, tomorrow you have a reservation at our Hotel in 📍 C/Balmes 322, Barcelona. More information about your room, opening hours, location or services at
Description: Notification and information of the details of a reservation. The purpose of this message is to facilitate the customer's entry and to give the maximum information of interest.
🌶 Today Tuesday we have our lasagna and marinated tuna as star dishes ⭐️. Here you will find the menu, seasonal dishes, options and prices:
Description: Sending the daily offer of a restaurant. The objective is to disseminate a dynamic or changing offer every day, in addition to attracting the customer to the establishment with a reminder.
🥂 Come to the opening of our summer terrace! Friday 12 at ⏱ 21h. We invite you to beer and you will enjoy the best live music! Sign up at
Description: Communication campaign for an event. The objective is to attract the maximum public to an inauguration by publicizing the most outstanding features.

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