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Case study: Subway uses RCS to tempt customers to buy their tasty sandwiches

Together with an agency, sandwich chain Subway created a unique campaign utilizing RCS messaging to increase brand awareness, boost sales and create a direct marketing channel with customers.

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Publication: 03.27.2019
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

Case study: Subway uses RCS to tempt customers to buy their tasty sandwiches

One of the best features of RCS is that it allows for a form of communication that is more personalized and interactive for customers.

First, Subway created an A/B test. This helped them to see what would produce the best results for the brand. But let’s start from the beginning.

Subway was created in the 1960s in Connecticut, in the U.S., and has since become one of the most prominent restaurant chains over the world, with over 21,000 franchises that operate in 100 countries worldwide.

Using SMS campaigns as publicity for restaurants

Subway was one of the first chains to use SMS in their publicity campaign back in 2015, when they put together a database of more than 6 million consumers that had subscribed to receive bulk SMS messages from the chain. These customers received information every week on promotions and offers at Subway, direct to their mobile phones.

Subway’s communication continued to evolve as their needs changed. In 2018, they wanted to create a more interactive and personal way to connect with customers. This is when they began using RCS (Rich Communication Services).

RCS (Rich Communication Services)for fast food restaurant customers

RCS offers brands an infinite number of possibilities with their customers:

  • To build a more personal connection.
  • To receive updates on SMS messages sent.
  • To create a direct and interactive form of communication, and more detailed analysis.

Sending images or other types of multimedia information with RCS creates an innovative experience for the user. Moreover, users don’t have to download anything, since the whole message sent via RCS is located inside the interface of the native messaging application.

Subway started their trials in Los Angeles, and little by little, expanded this method of communication to other American cities. The initial tests included an A/B test.

One of the versions was to send the same information with the same words via SMS and then via RCS – and with the RCS include images and call-to-action buttons. They tried various sandwich offers and menus.

The results: RCS vs. SMS

The results were very impressive. Conversion rates increased by 140% when using RCS over SMS in one of the promotions – a complete success.

In summary, for Subway clients, the experience with RCS was a lot richer and more engaging on their mobiles than with SMS.

So why don’t you try LabsMobile RCS technology today?

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