What is a concatenated SMS?

The SMSLong service increases the normal capacity of SMS messages.

A standard SMS message has a maximum capacity of 160 characters. In contrast, SMSLong increases this capacity to up to 459 characters.

How does it work a concatenated SMS?

Once the SMSLong service has been activated you will be able to send longer SMS messages straight from the WebSMS application, or from the API.

How much does it cost a concatenated SMS?

The activation of the SMSLong service is free of charge.

Credits will be deducted according to the length of the SMS sent:

  • Up to 160 characters = 1 credit.
  • From 161 to 306 characters = 2 credits.
  • From 307 to 459 characters = 3 credits.

How is it contracted a concatenated SMS?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Sign in to your account and in any section for sending messages, you will be able to send SMSLong messages.
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