Examples and case studies for the sector restaurants and accommodation

This sector includes hotels, hostels, rural accommodation, catering services, reserve portals, restaurants, bars, events or banquets ...

The use of SMS for the catering and hospitality industry provides an ample amount of possibilities that contribute to the relationship and communication with customers quickly and efficiently. SMS messages can be both informative (transactional) and commercial SMS with the inclusion of links to landings web with any multimedia material.

Campaigns can be used to publicize the current offer or to promote a special event such as parties, Christmas, etc.

In addition, transactional SMS messages are of vital importance for this sector. Reservation management is a common use in many of the catering establishments and SMS communication is generally integrated with online reservation management software.

Possible uses

  • Booking confirmation
  • Reservation reminder and possibility of cancellation
  • Information message about the check-in
  • Information of the daily offer (events, activities, etc.)
  • Offer of last places
  • Promotion and discount campaigns
  • Communication to recurring clients
  • Call for temporary staff


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