Examples and case studies for the sector health

This sector includes hospitals, clinics, beauty centers, rehabilitation center, physiotherapists, psychologists, laboratories and clinical analysis centers, fertility clinics, veterinarians, dentists, ...

The SMS in the health sector allows a good communication between the health center, hospital or clinic and the patient, being a sector where the SMS messaging service has a great implementation for its efficiency and speed, besides being very economical.

The staff will save time and expense of individualized calls to move to send messages in bulk form with a personalized feel. Besides the use of SMS in health, it saves money if people go to the established appointments confirmed or canceled via SMS: optimization of visits.

In this sector it is important to have patients well informed in a personalized and adapted way in each case.

Possible uses

  • Appointment reminder
  • Confirmation of agreed visit
  • Vaccine reminder
  • Information and reminder of medication taking
  • Reminder of annual reviews
  • Cancellation and rescheduling of visits
  • Notices of evidence collection or analysis
  • Direct communication patient - doctor
  • Valuation of visits and services
  • Promotion in treatments or products


Medical appointment reminder

Message to remember an upcoming medical appointment. The objective is to avoid absences and optimize the medical center's agenda.
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🕙 Hi Maria, remember that tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th, you have an appointment at the Maina dental clinic at 5:00 p.m. (Hamilton 32 2n 2nd Street). Call us at 215623672 to modify your appointment.

Notice of medical evidence collection

Message to inform about the availability of medical results or important documentation.
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Hi Maria, the results 📉 of your medical tests are now available at The Center. You can also download the document at
👉 http://labsmo.bi/Yw71qo8 with your password 456FG.

Communications to internal personnel

Communication message of shifts and work schedules. The goal is to streamline shifts and human resources.
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Hello Maddison, here are your schedules 📅 for next August:
👉 http://labsmo.bi/y72g62 Any questions or modifications call ☎️ 415826322.

Treatment reminder

Communication and reminder of a medication. The objective is the correct administration of medications in time and quantity.
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Dr. Corvino
Hello Jason, remember 🕙 💊 that today at 11am you must take a dose of Sintrom. If you have any questions call us at 610347128. More information about Sintrom at
👉 http://labsmo.bi/ue62Rw

Appreciation of an appointment

Communication to patients who have had an appointment or have been treated. The objective is to receive quickly and agile opinions and assessments that will help improve patient care.
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Michael, we want to know 👍 👎 how today's visit to the Vitadent Clinic went! Give us your opinion here:
👉 http://labsmo.bi/uy62Ew

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