Examples and case studies for the sector automotive

This sector includes mechanical workshops, sale of respuestos, driving schools, car rental, dealers, second hand sales, fairs and car meetings ...

SMS marketing is very common in the automotive sector since it allows dealers to create different campaigns according to the objectives and type of customer. Some of the objectives is to publicize a new offer, try a new model or retain customers who have already bought once.

In the automotive sector, SMS is also very commonly used as a quick and effective solution to communicate with repair shop customers. The SMS is a very useful tool to notify the collection of a vehicle or assess the service offered.

SMS-based marketing campaigns for this sector can create a relationship of trust with the customer. It is about segmenting the existing database well by the brand according to age, place of residence, or other parameters.

Communication via SMS in this sector allows you to send fully customized SMS messages. With them, it is possible to give greater attention to the customer and build loyalty.

Possible uses

  • Vehicle pick-up notification
  • Appointment reminder
  • Reminder of periodic reviews and appointments
  • Send custom quotes
  • Special offer campaigns
  • Surveys of valuation of the service or repair
  • Information on events or activities
  • Launch of new models or products
  • Monitoring the delivery process
  • Reminders of exams or tests
  • Sending invoices or administrative documentation