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You can now send emoticons via SMS from the LabsMobile platform

LabsMobile is a virtual platform launched in 2009 by entrepreneur Boris Vogel offering mobile marketing solutions and bulk SMS messaging services. Its objectives are to introduce customers to the benefits of bulk messaging technology and support SMS messaging to over 200 countries around the world in a matter of seconds, offering personalized and direct communication to customers.

As one of its latest developments, LabsMobile has launched a service making it possible to send SMS containing emoticons. This sequence of ASCII characters is used to represent all kinds of moods, everyday situations and emotions. Emoticons have become an integral part of the established digital culture and provide huge added value to the B2B SMS communication channel offered by the LabsMobile platform.

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Publication: 12.20.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

The advantages of launching SMS campaigns with emoticons

There are a lot of advantages of launching SMS campaigns with emoticons - only some of which are listed below:

  • Reinforce the contents of the message and help the receiver to understand the tone.
  • Keep messages shorter, keeping within the spirit of the original concept of SMS.
  • Transmit emotions and more non-verbal communication, which is a useful resource for launching certain marketing strategies.
  • Emoticons save time, meaning the recipient receives the message faster.
  • The recipient experiences the sensations of urgency and opportunity more strongly.

You can now send emoticons via SMS from the LabsMobile platform.

Any company that wants to wish their customers or clients Happy Christmas or send promotions and offers with a personalized touch can now use emoticons with the LabsMobile platform. SMS messaging: an original and effective ways to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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