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Why send notifications and information via SMS?

Why are SMS notifications increasingly gaining traction? There are many companies and institutions that already use them for different purposes. We know that the convenience of transmitting information through a simple text is more effective than using other messaging methods.

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Publication: 05.27.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

Sending notifications and information through SMS: the new technological era

There are many who erroneously think that SMS usage is in decline. However, more and more people are currently using text messages as direct methods of transmitting information. In what way can you use certified SMS and what do we really mean when we talk about information via SMS?

Certified SMS and its different uses:

The contents of this type of message carry legal weight. In a way, it can be equated to certified letters or the so-called burofax (registered fax). It can be used to track and verify delivery of the message in a legally binding manner even against third parties.

This type of SMS contains a timestamped archive in certified PDF format, which can be delivered with just one click. In general, companies or entities that use this tool have certified proof of delivery including a digital signature and other requirements.

What about information delivered through SMS?

These messages also serve as tools to create alerts. They help notify you of specific information.

There are many companies and certain groups that use them. An example might be a work group that meets every day to discuss a project.

SMS messages allow you to send notifications about events, scheduled shifts or changes to the timetable (for example a change in meeting time). They can also be used to conduct surveys or team assessments.

In addition, appointment reminders are some of the most common uses of SMS. For example, there is nothing better than reminding a patient about his dentist appointment through a brief message, without having to interfere with his daily life by making phone calls to notify him.

SMS and QR codes

In some cases, SMS may include a QR code that links directly to a website. Imagine that you are raising money for a social project. The SMS message can directly embed relevant information in this code or even include a link to a website.

We know that information saturation is a big problem in the market right now. Because of that, we snooze notifications and email in order to read them at a later time. However, since it is now less common for people to send you an SMS, receiving one will pique your interest and cause you to open it.

Why send notifications and information via SMS?

SMS messagesas such are opened more frequently than other types of messages.  A variety of brands incorporate SMS messaging in order to more effectively reach the biggest possible audience.

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