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Why mobile marketing during this time of crisis?

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    If you don’t know yet what mobile marketing is and how important it has become in this moment of crisis because of coronavirus, keep on reading to know more. Next, you can discover a lot about its relevance and how to implement it to have more success with your company as de-confinement advances. 

    What is mobile marketing? 

    It can be understood that this type of marketing, also called mobile marketing, is a field that develops marketing strategies online, using devices connected to the Internet. Such is the case of smartphones. Among the actions that are allowed are: 

    – Starting campaigns based on sending messages

    Phone calls to inform clients of promotions. 

    – Sending messages to the users so they can participate in giveaways

    Inserting ads on the Internet so people can see them with their phones.

    – Using social networks for marketing.

    – Geolocation to get to the clients.

    Our society is becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones, so using this type of marketing is inevitable. In fact, not using it would be a mistake for any company.

    How can mobile marketing campaigns be useful in the de-confinement period

    Now that de-confinement is rolling, marketing campaigns based on using one’s phones are in their best time. When it comes to restrictions imposed on movement, the mobile phone has become the way in which any company (like yours!) can, even with social distancing, establish close contact with their clients. In this way, you can try and attract them to your stores now that you can open them. 

    One of the advantages of mobile marketing is the rate of interaction. Who can resist reading an SMS or email that gets to their phones? And in an immediate way! With this system, companies can have the users’ full attention while making sure they read their message. The answer is even larger than the one obtained by other marketing means.

    Why mobile marketing during this time of crisis?

    Personalization is another key point. You can send a message with the name of its reader, including a promotion based on their preferences or giving away a discount when greeting them for their birthday. It’s a way of taking care of the customer, trying to lure them to your store and make them buy in these rough times we are living in. 

    If you also include a link, you can increase the traffic you receive on your corporate website or your landing pages. As of that moment onwards, inbound marketing appears together with your effort to transform the user into a client.

    Another interesting strategy is the one derived from downloading an app to be in constant contact with the user, especially with the growth of the Internet during this health crisis. As Telefónica says, it has increased by 35%. But watch out, because your app may soon be outdated.

    This is why from LabsMobile we recommend that, with an increasingly digital world, you use marketing mobile to create connections between your company and your clients by using, for example, SMS. 

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