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What’s a Landing Page?

A Landing Page, also called webpage, is a site designed exclusively to make conversions. This means to turn prospective clients into leads. 

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Publication: 01.09.2020
Última modificación: 06.08.2023
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So, what’s an SMS Landing?

An SMS Landing is a website created specifically to link with an SMS message. The most important thing about a landing page is to seduce the user and make them prone to carry out the requested action.

This page helps users to become final clients. That is why it’s so important for a landing page to work and converts.

LabsMobile’s SMS Landing Editor

LabsMobile has an SMS Landings editor with designs for every type of SMS Landing you need. These designs have been created by designers, taking into account every sector in the market. Plus, they have the possibility of adapting the designs to each company, modifying the logos, images or links in each case.

Its use is very simple and intuitive, and it allows users to include links as well. 

On the other hand, you can add new parameters to know how many people who get the SMS actually open the landing page. 

Here are some examples: 

How does the SMS Landing Page work?

Here is an example of an SMS Landing Page. the user accesses an SMS message sent to his or her mobile phone. This message has an attached link that has more information about the content in the message. Also, it may contain a call to action to click on that link, and that link sends the user to the landing page. 

This page is created to promote an action with defined objectives, that can be: 

  • Influence a buying decision
  • Direct buy through an offer
  • Get new leads
  • Become part of a database
  • Get more followers in social media
  • Participate in a raffle

All this information will be measured by the company that can access from LabsMobile platform the number of downloads that took place from the landing page of the message, or the information about potential clients. 

This will allow you to contact the clients directly in a personalized way and you will also be able to automatize the process of sending messages.

Getting new leads by using an SMS Landing Page

The word “lead” is used in Marketing to refer to contacts or people that have left behind data through the landing page of a company. These possible clients, then, are part of the database of the company. It’s crucial not to lose sight of them and to include these people in a legal database to keep on impacting them.

In the case of SMS, the landings have broader objectives that just making the database more extensive. Instead, they are landings of conversion.

Classification of Leads

The Leads on a landing page can be of discovery or catchment. They can also be of qualification, that is, considering their interest or buying leads.

The SMS landings are usually buying leads for clients who already exist in the database.

SMS Landing in LabsMobile

LabsMobile is a platform that allows you to get to your potential clients from your database and turn them into habitual clients.

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