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What is SMS Landing and what are the benefits?

In the sector of Mobile Marketing, SMS Landing is this technique: including a link to a web page inside an SMS.

A landing page is the destination page of a hyperlink. Think of a html link. https://www. and a corresponding domain name define each and every website. When you click a hyperlink, a web page opens. A landing page is the page that opens when you click on a link, for example one inside an SMS. These landing pages are optimized for being viewed on smartphones or other mobile devices. 

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Publication: 01.04.2017
Última modificación: 06.28.2022
Categories: SMS Marketing

How do you create a landing page?

There are lots of ways of creating a landing page, but if you don’t have any knowledge of web design or don’t have the time to learn the basics of HTML, CSS or the other tools you need to optimize your web page, the best approach would be to use an SMS platform for businesses. Many offer this additional service to building websites.

At LabsMobile we provide an extensive catalogue of templates with all features already embedded. Any user can choose a template and personalize it easily and quickly, without having any previous knowledge of web design or layout.

The landing page is then passed on to an editor who adds a title or heading, some generic or descriptive text, the logo of the brand, and images of the products or of the services offered. Thanks to the editor you can modify the title and the text, the images and the logo.

What should a landing page have?

There are a number of requirements for a good landing page. In terms of design, it’s important to keep in mind how you are going to create the link: you could use a number of different buttons which invite the user to click somewhere, or create a call-to-action button.

If you create a landing page just for an SMS campaign, you probably already have a company or brand website. In this case, all you have to do is include a link to your home page to invite customers to visit it.

If the aim of your campaign is to expand an existing database, you can invite visitors to full out a form after clicking on a link to get a special offer, to see a promotional video, the presentation of a new catalogue, or products that they can look at online etc. You can also invite customers to make a phone call. It couldn’t be easier with the press of a button.

As the idea behind SMS Landing is to create a web page which can be viewed on a mobile phone, it should be responsive. This means it should be able to be viewed on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop, desktop computer etc.).

The benefits of SMS Landing  

Landing pages take advantage of mobile technology to maximize conversion rates and enrich user experience. SMS landing campaigns offer, among others, two main benefits: an increase in conversion rate and a way to collect customer data.  

The first of these benefits, the notable increase in conversion, is based on the high open rate of SMS, around 98%, and the click rate, which can reach 80% depending on the sector and the theme of the campaign. The second principal benefit is that, through the landing page, one can obtain a large amount of customer data as well as information on their behavior on the website. We aren’t just talking personal data, but questions fundamental to SMS mobile marketing such as the geographical location of customers, which device they are using, their language settings, as well as the conversion and click rates as discussed above.

Ultimately, SMS Landing is one of the most direct ways of communicating and interacting with customers and users with unique, effective messaging.

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