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What is Promotional Marketing? Promotional marketing with SMS

We know that marketingin a company or business is very important. As time goes by, marketing strategies are more and more diverse, generating new techniques. Today, all of them have an objective in common: to make your brand visible, enhance it, and to generate sales.

One of the branches of marketing is the promotional one, based on the usage of special offers that have the objective of increasing the interest of your clients and influence their purchases.

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Publication: 05.14.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

To carry out this process, you must carry out certain actions that encourage consumers to have some kind of communication with the brand that is carrying out the strategy.

How to use promotional marketing? Benefits

Show your client in a non-invasive and attractive way the value of a product, a new idea of your business, a last-minute promotion or your company’s newsletter. For this, it’s important to study your public well and define the strategy accordingly.

So you can understand why promotional marketing is one of the most effective strategies, we would like to tell you some benefits so you choose it without doubts: 

  • It opens up the door to new clients. When you send a new promotion, you spark their interest and curiosity, especially of those who don’t know you yet. 
  • Increase the number of followers in social media. Even if the person who saw your promotion didn’t buy this time, they may choose to follow you because they are interested in your products. This keeps them in touch with your brand and they may even share your offers with their friends and family.
  • You’ll increase loyalty in clients that have already bought from you. This is the easiest point because these people know your products and will probably take advantage of any offers or discounts you give them.  

Promotional Marketing with SMS

Within promotional marketing strategies, the ones related to SMS are the most effective because of their results. Nothing is better than their high open rate, for example:

Special discounts, 72/48/24 hour offers or gifts exclusive for a certain group of clients make the campaign transform itself into a high volume of sales.

If you can define this strategy well, you’ll have the acceptance of the clients to your SMS and will keep the clients waiting for more offers or promotions like the ones they got.

Examples of promotional marketing in SMS

  • Virtual coupons that clients can exchange in a shop or a website using an SMS landing
  • Promotional codes that can be used for a given time. 
  • By ordering a product, the client participates in a raffle for a free purchase.
  • Send a promotion that it’s only available for 24 hours and highlight that only some of them receive this benefit so the client feels flattered and wants to buy.
  • By purchasing one product, you take another one for free. 
  • By purchasing one product, you take another one 50% OFF.
  • By purchasing one product, you get a discount for future purchases. 

Take advantage of promotional marketing via SMS to make your business grow. From LabsMobile, we can help you with our platform!

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