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What is mobile advertising?

In this post, we will explain what is mobile advertising, what types exist and how SMS marketing works.

First of all, we are going to explain that mobile advertisement is included in Mobile Marketing, which is an array of techniques to promote services and products through a mobile channel of communication.

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Publication: 02.24.2020
Última modificación: 10.21.2022
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The last few years have seen a lot of advancement in the field of mobile phones and this has made them the most popular way of communication. Apart from being a great method to gain and keep clients from online and physical stores.

On the other hand, current mobiles (most of them, smartphones today) have an array of tools that allow for many possibilities regarding communication: geolocation, Internet access, access to email and social media, and more.

Some of the numbers published by IAB Spain are very interesting. Only in Spain, more than 2 and a half million people use their mobiles. Most of them are smartphones.

The use of mobile devices is over 3 hours per day. Even greater than tablets. And apps like Whatsapp or Facebook are the most downloaded ones, but games are also very successful.

Types of Campaigns in Mobile Marketing

Taking all of this into account, there are many possibilities for Mobile Marketing. But we are going to focus on some options for creating mobile campaigns:

  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile social marketing
  • SEM mobile on search engines
  • Mobile Email Marketing
  • QR codes
  • In-app publicity
  • SMS
  • RCS
  • Whatsapp Business

Types of Campaigns in Mobile Marketing

Mobile Publicity

1 Mobile apps give people a feeling of being innovative and technological. They allow for direct communication with users. On the negative side, clients have to download the app on their mobile phones, and this occupies space. And not only this: they need to offer constant communication so they keep on visiting the app and retain the users.

2 Social Marketing Mobile starts with the fact that smartphone users have social media apps on their mobiles. What is important to mention is that advertising on social media has been growing a lot in the last few years, and as users have the apps on their phones, you can launch different types of campaigns. What’s crucial is to segment and define the mobile targets very well.

3 SEM Mobile for search engines allows for the creation of ads in mobile search. Multiple platforms allow today for this type of campaign. The most prominent ones are Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

4 Most mobile phones today can receive emails thanks to Internet connections. And more than 50% today are opened on mobile devices. This makes Email Marketing gain relevance when it comes to making marketing efforts for companies. But there is a problem: most emails end up in the spam folder and are never read by users. Still, it is a very useful technique, which should be backed up by creative design to make the email read.

What is mobile advertising?

5 QR codes are another of the options that help mobiles connect with the offline, physical world. According to a report written by IAB Spain, only 18% of users have access to it today.

6 Another option within mobile advertising are ads IN-App. This is as simple as saying they are banners and ads within mobile apps and the games that people download into their phones. These are formats that adapt 100% to each app or game and can only be visualized in mobile devices.

Many of them include this type of publicity as a way of subsistence for apps that are for free.

To create this type of ad there are different networks you can pay for.

7  SMS is one of the most used resources when it comes to business marketing. This consists of sending SMS campaigns to a database of mobile phones. The company needs to have legal permission to send publicity. It’s not necessary for users to have access to the Internet to receive SMS because it’s a technology that works using a different network called GSM.

8 RCS is a type of message that goes a bit beyond SMS. It means Rich Communication Services and involves richer communication with clients. It was developed by Google by today it needs mobile phone providers in each country and manufacturers to work. That is why this technology is available in some countries and not in some others, as it’s really hard for it to break through in new markets.

9 WhatsApp Businessis a new service in Facebook’s platform Whatsapp that has been specifically designed for organizations and companies to use it. It allows sending messages to clients who have Whatsapp. However, some of the drawbacks include privacy and legal issues, as you cannot send a Whatsapp message without the receivers’ permission.

LabsMobile as a platform of SMS Mobile Advertisement

LabsMobile is a platform for creation, sending, analyzing and managing SMS campaigns. These messages in mobile advertisements can be created inside the same platform and send them to your contacts to impact them with your SMS.

The available features of the platform are multiple and the cost of these campaigns is very low. The price varies according to the country and volume of messages.

At LabsMobile, we advise that you enter the platform, sign up with an email address and try it for free!

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