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What is a multi channel communication platform? Can SMS be included?

A multichannel communication platform can turn into the best tool for automating messages when it comes to your marketing campaign. Next, we will explain to you what it consists in and which are the components of an integral communication campaign. 

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Publication: 08.14.2020
Última modificación: 10.21.2022
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What is a multi channel communication platform?

What is a multi channel communication platform?

It’s a platform that allows for the inclusion of different communication channels to get to your clients more easily. Besides, you need to carry out an analysis of the medium your clients prefer so you can send them promotions. Some of the most advantageous features include:

  • Automation: you only have to pick time and place when you want to send out your messages. This alternative is crucial to program your campaigns for date and to personalize them as much as possible (sending, for example, specific offers on each clients’ birthday). 
  • Metrics: starting a campaign not knowing about its results is not convenient. It’s more suitable to start checking results in real time, analyze the bounce rate and control the conversion rate to correct possible mistakes and increase the efficiency of your proposal. 

What elements should a multi channel integrated communication campaign have?

The execution of an integral multi channel communication campaign consists in creating a specific strategy that reaches your habitual clients but that also increases the number of potential new customers. Before you start it, you need:

  • To carry out a successful segmentation. You need to know how your potential client is, what they like and how they relate for each campaign to be successful.
  • Establish clear objectives. It’s crucial to know what you want to achieve so it’s easy to do it. Brainstorm possibilities, be realistic and try to surprise others. 
  • Design your campaign. You need to create one you will recognize and your possible clients, too. 

Additionally, your campaign needs to have the following elements so every message sent turns into a buying invitation of your products and services: 

  • A database of your clients: remember to ask them for their mobile phone or email address when they enter your webpage or buy from your store. Those who trust you need to keep on receiving new, attractive offers. 
  • An effective planning of contacts or events. Through the year, there are many special dates that will allow you to convert your campaigns in a familiar message. Keep this in mind to improve the personalization of every SMS. 
  • Messages that suit the channel and the device of your contact. Using tools that analyze the bounce rate or the traffic you receive is crucial because it gives you invaluable information. Remember that your client uses his or her mobile phone regularly and that your message should not be invasive. Similarly, it should be adapted for the operating system of your phone and include improvements that can turn the message into an open door for communication. 
  • An interactive multi channel communication platform. If you consider that an SMS campaign is efficient, improves your results, it’s personalizable and easy to implement, everything seems to indicate it’s the perfect alternative for you. But how do you control the results you are obtaining? It’s not about trusting a platform that lets you write and send your messages, but using one that lets you schedule them and, above all, follow up to understand the reach of each message. 
  • The open rate of these messages is almost 100%, but you should analyze the behavior of your client by taking a look at the click and buying rates. So, only a platform that offers a control panel that includes this information and allows you to review possible changes will help you to get the best results.

Executing a multichannel communication campaign

In this way, the process of executing a multi channel communication campaign should follow these steps:

  • Segmentation
  • Message design
  • Choosing the campaign’s support
  • Scheduling the sending of messages
  • Real-time analysis of results 

Include SMS in your multichannel communication platform

Using a multi channel communication platform to automate your SMS marketingcampaign is, without a doubt, a great option for your offers to get to your clients and to boost your conversion rates. 

Do not choose alternatives that do not let you measure the results you obtain or that turn into an obstacle rather than a success because of its simplicity or the impossibility of personalizing every message you send. Deep down, the important thing is that your client feels you offer them value and that you always have your business open for when they need you.

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