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What are transactional SMS messages?

Transactional SMS are a type of message where the content that is sent responds directly to information about the actions carried out by the user.

That is, SMS communications that indicate to the client at what point their activities are within our business or website. These messages include information about your status, notifications about your use, and other data of personalized interest.

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Publication: 09.22.2022
Última modificación: 11.15.2022

Transactional SMS meet some objectives to build customer loyalty, such as:

  • Loyalty to the database based on real-time shipments and information that interests the user 100%
  • Direct and personalized communications
  • Fulfillment of KPIs with the increase in opening rates and clicks of the messages.

Types of Transactional SMS


Account registration

Once you have entered your data on any site or platform, you will receive a registration confirmation communication with the data you have entered, as a reminder, or simply with the confirmation and the link to access the services directly from that SMS, which is more practical and simple.


Password recovery

One of the most common actions is password recovery. Many times, when we want to log in or access personal data about purchases, account statements, etc., we realize that we have lost or forgotten the access data.

With this communication, we can choose a new password and get access to the service.


Shipping confirmation

One of the most important actions when communicating is shipping confirmations. This confirmation completes a full reporting process. Having the confirmation of an order reassures the user and they know the status of their action.


Balance notice

Another function of SMS transactional messages is to notify customers of the balance they have in their accounts. In this way, purchase errors, misunderstandings by the user, etc. are avoided.



Special occasion

One of the most common communications is to offer discounts and promotions for a special event, be it Mother's Day, birthdays, etc.

This personalized message keeps the client attentive and gives them special treatment, which allows them to retain their loyalty and make them satisfied with our treatment and service.


Inactive account

Another message that can be automated is the recovery of clients who requested the cancellation of their account with an incentive or promotion so that they use our product again.


Abandoned cart

The "abandoned cart" is one of the most common statuses of e-commerce accounts. What interests us as a brand is to streamline the purchase processes and encourage the customer, which is why messages are sent letting them know that products and items are waiting in the shopping cart so that the user remembers or is encouraged to buy.

Many times, these communications are accompanied by a promotion to further incentivize the completion of the purchase.

Advantages of Transactional SMS

  • Improvement of the experience: not only communicating but contacting customers in real-time and individually through different channels.
  • Loyalty: helps to consolidate a relationship of trust with the client, transmitting an image of professionalism, efficiency, and transparency.
  • Speed: SMS are received instantly and read at the same time, without the risk of being lost between more massive communications.
  • Automatic: Messages are delivered within seconds of being sent to the user's device.
  • Information in real-time: Transactional messages are sent automatically.

What are transactional SMS messages?

What are transactional SMS messages?

As we can see, there are many benefits when using transactional SMS in the communication process of our product or company.

There are currently several CRMs that allow the integration and automation of this process that will personalize the messages and, in turn, will make the customer loyal to our brand.

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