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Web SMS: your best ally in mobile marketing

SMS web is an online web application that you can access for free. This software was actually developed with the goal of facilitating sending SMS messages in a bulk or customized way, depending on the needs of the initiative. It also enables better management of an account and the contacts associated with it.

Additionally, the application includes other proven functionalities that allow the execution of multiple tasks. Among these we can mention: recharging available balance or credit, parameter settings according to preferences and controlling statistics and shipping results as well account billing.

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Publication: 09.03.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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The solution has a very friendly and intuitive interface. It can be easily managed by any type of user. Thanks to it, you can simply and quickly perform different actions that will help to rotate the your company's or brand's ad in mobile marketing campaigns.

In the next section we offer more information regarding the array of web SMS functionalities.

Main functionalities of web SMS for mobile marketing

1 Sending personalized or bulk SMS. Sending takes place through an easy-to-use control panel where it is possible to choose contacts of interest to the user. In this case, you can send to an unlimited number of people.

2 Agenda management It is possible to add, modify or delete contacts, depending on the segmentation you set as your goal. You can also import all the contacts contained in a CSV file.

3 Template creation. The system makes it possible for you to create all the templates you need, in addition to the templates it also contains by default, according to your needs. From these you can send SMS.

4 SMS customization. Using the template variables you can use the first names of the contacts in the directory, so that the messages will reach users more professionally.

5 Search for messages. The system allows you to make a deep search according to the parameters you have entered. These may be the date, part of the text or the recipient's phone number.

6 Statistical analysis. With this application you can easily conduct a study of the amount of SMS sent as well as their status history. In addition, as a plus it gives you the possibility to visualize these records in easily interpreted graphs.

7 Scheduling SMS sending It allows you to define the day, time and contacts for sending an SMS.

Web SMS: your best ally in mobile marketing.

Web SMS: your best ally in mobile marketing

In addition to the actions we have mentioned above, with SMS web you can also launch campaigns, create custom landing pages, export messages from Excel files, attach links and files and easily send a form or survey via SMS. LabsMobile will provide you with all the help you need in the process.

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