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Verified SMS and SMS Verification are not the same. We explain it here

SMS are one of the main tools for corporate communication and one of the many processes where the digital identification of a person appears. It’s not just text, but they have many options and resources that can be used to achieve our objectives. This leads to certain confusion between concepts, especially those that sound similar. 

Such a thing happens with the concept of verified SMS and SMS verification. They look the same, but they are completely different functions and can generate certain doubts. For this reason, here is an explanation. 

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Publication: 11.25.2021
Última modificación: 10.21.2022
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What are Verified SMS?

Let’s start with Verified SMS promoted by Google. This is a function that gives an extra layer of reliability and security to SMS messages because the sender is verified by a trusted third party, in this case, Google. In this way, users are sure they are opening messages that are truly sent by the brand or company that appears as the sender (and it’s not a case of fraud or spam).

The advantages of Verified SMS are:

  • Higher security and safety
  • The generation of a positive image
  • The creation of more attractive campaigns
  • Increasing open rates

In this case, the receiver will get a standard message of 160 characters, but it will have a special dialogue with the verification offered by Google together with some of the main information about the company (like the logo). This will help the company earn their clients’ trust, as many studies have determined that messages with an unknown sender are more likely to be considered spam, fraud, or phishing. 

What is more, the latest versions of Android operating systems incorporate anti SPAM filters that classify certain messages as SPAM in relation to the sender, the content, format, etc. It’s estimated that this tendency will reach all devices in the near future, so it’s even more important to use technologies like Google’s Verified SMS to deliver messages in a correct and trusted way.

LabsMobile offers the service of Verified SMS without cost. You just need to create an account, carry out a simple validation and configuration that will last 3-5 days. Any compatible device will receive Verified SMS for the same price as a standard one.

The Google Verified SMS

What’s the SMS Verification?

When it comes to SMS verification, this is a security function that complements the traditional system of user and password. Through a message that sends a unique code to a user, they have to enter it to complete an operation. 

Basically, it’s an extra layer of security that allows for two things: First, to verify that this is a real person. Second, that the user who is carrying out the operation is the real owner of the account (who associated the account to that device). Thanks to SMS verification, theft and fraud can be avoided in any economic transaction or purchase.

These processes of validation and verification can be implemented with LabsMobile services by using One Time Passwords (OTP codes). These are codes that work just once and are used to confirm actions. With these SMS, you create a security system called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Practically every person today has a mobile device, so SMS verification is ideal to increase safety. This feature is used in many operations, such as:

  • Banking operations, like accessing an account or transferring money. 
  • Creation and validation of accounts in mobile devices. 
  • Buying online, like ordering or asking for an invoice.
  • Password recovery
  • Creating communication channels between real people.

Verified SMS and SMS Verification are not the same. 

The SMS validation is also used to update databases. Using these messages, you can verify if the phone numbers are valid and in use and get to know more data, such as the network they belong to and the operator.

Thanks to this resource, you can clean up databases, eliminating numbers that are not valid any more. As a result, your campaigns will be more efficient and the costs will be reduced, as you will not send messages to receivers that no longer exist. 

Verified SMS and SMS verification

LabsMobileoffers both the possibility of using verified SMS in your business and the SMS verification service for your users, if they need it. Besides, you can also get help from professionals with more than 10 years of experience in corporate communication and verification processes. Start today and explore all the possibilities of growth that our platform offers you.

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