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Using SMS for small businesses

Using SMS messaging in your marketing campaigns is a very effective way to directly reach and communicate with your customers. Everyone looks at their text messages, which is why SMS is a great option for advertising, or sending out information about brands and companies.

SMS messaging can work even for the smallest brands, giving them more visibility and a greater reach.

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Publication: 08.02.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

How you can get the most out of SMS messaging for your business

Here are five ways you can use SMS in business:

  1. Sending out offers and informing your customers about promotions will give you a better response rate to limited-time offers.
  2. Send alerts to your customers about the status of any orders they make, the availability of items they’re interested in, or offers expiring soon.
  3. Fluid and easy communication with customers is crucial to the success of any small business. Try to collect information about the value of your offers, when they prefer to receive them and what new releases they would be interested in.
  4. Design surveys with quick and simple questions. This will improve post-sales customer service and customer loyalty.
  5. Identify influential customers who could recommend your products and services and become ambassadors for your brand. You will then be able to focus on specialized campaigns for your most influential customers.  

The benefits of SMS for small businesses

  • SMS campaigns are very good value for money. They ensure you can establish the most profitable sales channels and also keep your customers updated, which helps to build customer loyalty.
  • You can personalize the sender name and customize the message content for each customer. Establish a positive relationship where recipients can immediatelyrecognize your brand and the style of your promotions and offers.
  • As a direct channel that is rarely used by other companies, SMS campaigns allow you to stand out from the competition, adding value to your brand.
  • Customers pay attention to SMS messages. SMS campaigns boast a 98% opening rate.

An SMS sending platform lets you analyze the open rate data of your messages, and the success of each campaign, so you can estimate its effectiveness.  

LabsMobile allows you to create personalized messages for all types of messages and senders. It also lets you monitor each of your SMS campaigns in a simple and easy way.

Take a free trial for your company and get started with SMS messaging!

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