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Use SMS Marketing for your online store

Nowadays, if you have an online store, it is essential to optimize your communication, develop a close relationship with the customer and instantly solve any problems or issues they might have. SMS is a simple and efficient channel, so if you want a fast and direct communication method, SMS Marketing campaigns represent a vital tool for your electronic e-commerce. In this digital world, we recommend you use SMS Marketing for its huge benefits, outlined below.

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Publication: 03.19.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

Use new technologies

New technologies are your best allies when it comes to creating and implementing an SMS marketing plan to publicize your company. One of the best communication methods we have available is through mobile devices, as they are widely used and contact is almost immediate.

Send notifications via SMS

Notifications can be a lifesaver – if it wasn’t for these types of alerts, we wouldn’t find out about all the offers, promotions, and new products offered by the companies we love. At LabsMobile, we advise that you program and plan SMS messages to create alerts and notifications that interest you and your customers.

There are many ways that you can use SMS messaging to help your business interact and communicate with your customers. Through the use of mobile devices, you can: notify and alert customers in real time, send questions and answers, change appointments, ask if there are any problems, get feedback, and arrange meetings. In short, you can foster a close and personalized relationship with each customer.

Use SMS to send products to your customers

It is really useful to incorporate SMS messaging into communication with your customers, especially when sending off an order. You can send a notification to your customers when orders, deliveries and transactions are completed, or of any other events in the process. This information helps to increase customer loyalty and boost user numbers. You can also get feedback from your customers and users, as customers can communicate directly with the company by replying to a specific phone number.

Warm up your website

SMS strengthens the company-customer tie. Nowadays, e-commerce is growing more and more. However, online purchases can often leave us feeling a bit cold, as emails are not very personal. On the other hand, exchanging messages through SMS makes the communication flow feel much better, simpler and more direct. In summary, do not miss the opportunity to implement a good SMS marketingplan for your business.

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