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Types of SMS. What types of SMS do users most often open?

There are different types of SMS, but the amount of these messages sent per year is not negligible. We are talking about 8.6 trillion SMS, an amount 12 times greater than the messages sent on Facebook and 20 times greater than the number of tweets sent every year. 

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Publication: 07.01.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Types of SMS

Among the different text messages that are sent, we can identify several types. We can talk about promotional messages, which are used to send offers; invitation, help or support messages, which are used during a transaction; informative messages, to get our customers any kind of information or news. All of them can carry an SMS landing, which includes a link with more information and, we may also add, that all of them can also be customized.

SMS messages can have different objectives depending on the information or communication that one wants to transmit. Their topic may also include welcome or birthday messages, newsletters, reminders, confirmations, reuptake, cross-selling or gratitude. 

What are the SMS messages that report the most openings?

Among all these types of messages, there are some that have more openings than others or which are opened faster than others. We will show them below:


They are used to send a reminder of the appointments that our clients have with our business. The ideal thing is to send them 24 hours prior to the appointment so that the user has an adequate margin of time. It has been shown that this type of messages reduces absenteeism by 20%.

2 Notifications

They will help you pass on information to your customers, which is practical and, by doing so, improve the quality of your service. Therefore, they will also help you improve your brand image.

3 Information

Use your customers' phone numbers to send them valuable information that they find interesting. This may include you having made a change in your establishment, having published a new article in your blog or something new related to your product or service.

4 Shipment tracking

Sometimes they are included in the notification messages and will keep your customers informed about the status of their order. In addition, you can include a link to your own website from which the customer can change the delivery date.

5 Customer support

They are tremendously useful in case you are in the middle of a transaction with a user. You just need to answer them to get in touch with customer service and resolve any questions you may have.

6  Promotions

For last, we have promotion messages. These messages are direct and immediate, so they represent an excellent channel for offers and discounts, causing a large number of users to end up buying.

Types of SMS. What types of SMS do users most often open?

In short, all these types of SMS have their function, but it is necessary to know when and how to use them to give the result you expect from them. We, at LabsMobile, can help you create your best SMS messages taking always into consideration the communicative aims.

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