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Tricks to improve conversion rate with SMS publicity

Digital marketing campaigns always have a clear objective. And the same happens with SMS. Each one of the SMS campaigns tries to reach conversions. 

These are the elements that determine the success of the campaign and the benefits they bring for the company or business. As an objective, it’s crucial that the obtained benefit is greater than the investment made, which is determined by the ROI (return of investment). 

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Publication: 11.02.2020
Última modificación: 10.21.2022

How do you measure the reach of a campaign?

The total reach of the campaign can be measured by the conversion rate. This is measured with a formulate that determines the number of users that carried out the action that was proposed by the SMS. The formula is the following: the number of people that carried out the action, divided by the number of sent messages, multiplied by 100.

The best advantage of digital marketing that can be quantified. This means that concrete data can be obtained and analyzed in relation to data. LabsMobile’s control panel can store all the information about the SMS campaign. 

SMS Marketing’s Objectives

The main objective for a campaign with text messages can be many. It depends exclusively on the objective that needs to be achieved. Some concrete examples are:

  • Sales Increase: one of the main objectives is to achieve a greater number of sales in a specific product. Using  SMS, you can promote different products between regular and new clients. 
  • New client search: This consists in increasing the database of new potential clients, for example, using information forms. 
  • Making polls: text messages also allow owners to carry out polls to know the opinion of users about a certain topic, such as politics. 
  • Blog or newsletter subscriptions: users are invited to be part of a newsletter or blog. 
  • Free trials: it’s possible to offer free trials of a product or service, expecting people to become regular clients after the trial period. 

SMS Marketing’s Objectives

Conversion actions in SMS Marketing

Each one of the SMS marketing objectives has its own type of conversion that can be measured.

In the case of increasing sales, the conversion rate can be easily defined. This will be the purchases from people who are part of the companies’ database. We just need to know their names to understand if they participated. 

The same happens when it comes to subscriptions to newsletters or blogs. The conversion rate will be marked by the number of users who actually subscribe to get the next posts.

As regards forms, this is very simple: how many users followed the steps and filled them in. The polls can be measured in two ways. The first one of them are simple polls that only need one answer. For example: Do you agree with…? Yes/No. By observing the number of answers, you can obtain the ROI

A different story are those messages that bring the poll in an external link. In those cases, generated clicks are analyzed and then answer the polls as such. 

Something similar takes place with other types of messages that bring external links, as in the case of free trials. In general, it’s format is “start your free test using this link”. The number of clicks, then, marks the conversion. 

The difference between SMS open and conversion rate

You shouldn’t mistake the terms open rate and conversion rate. As we have explained, the conversion is determined by the number of users that carry out the action. Meanwhile, the open rate responds to the number of people that opened or read the SMS.

The open rate will always be greater, as it’s impossible for users to carry out the action without previously reading the message. However, there are many cases in which the person reads the message and ignores it, without achieving the objective.

Some advice to optimize the SMS conversion rate

There are many ways to obtain the best results possible:

    1. Public segmentation: from a database, it’s possible to divide the public by groups that have some feature or interests in common. For example, a division by genre or age group.
    2. A robust call to action: SMS are short, so you need to go straight to the point. It needs to be concrete and informative.
    3. Offers: one of the most common actions to increase sales is to offer promotions or discounts. Users that see a benefit are more likely to complete the actions. 
    4. Create a Landing SMS with the Editor: The messages that are accompanied by an external link needs to redirect to an attractive page that works correctly. These are called SMS landing.
    5. Watch out for time and frequency of SMS: it’s important to consider the time when the messages are sent, as it affects the results. Very early in the morning or too late at night, it’s very likely that they are ignored. The same happens with the frequency: if you send three messages per day, you won’t obtain any results, but the user will lose patience.

Tricks to improve the conversion rate of SMS publicity 

LabsMobile’s platform has all the resources and tools necessary to have the best SMS marketing campaign possible, with a favorable conversion rate that brings about benefits.

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