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Top 5 key concepts to be successful with SMS marketing

Digital marketing is fundamental for a company to be successful today. Technology has opened up new communication channels that should not be wasted. In this sense, SMS marketing appears as an ideal option because text messages are superior to emails or phone calls. 

However, the difference between a successful campaign and one that could fail might be in just details. Next, I’ll present you with the top 5 key concepts to be successful with SMS marketing and reach your objectives.

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Publication: 09.08.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

5 key concepts of SMS marketing

For an SMS marketing campaign to be successful, there are 5 fundamental concepts you should pay attention to. This is not something random but you need to work on them to make your SMS more efficient.

1 Planning within a marketing calendar

The first of them is to have a calendar of campaigns. There are important dates throughout the year that are ideal for developing an SMS marketing campaign, especially if they are related to the sale of products and services.

These are dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, St. Valentine, Mothers’ Day, Christmas, among others. To hae a successful campaign, you need to plan in advance. Then, having a marketing calendar with the most important dates is the first step.

2 Personalizing messages

Nobody likes receiving generic messages that are all the same. Another key of SMS marketing success is the personalization of messages. For example, by greeting the client with their name at the beginning. This can be made with the help of a good database, where you can store all the information about your users.

3 A conversational tone 

Using a formal tone is not very common today. Language is usually colloquial, especially in messages, as it’s useful to improve the relationship between a company and a client. The tone can be the one of a day-to-day conversation, even adding an emoji. However, you don’t want to be too informal: it’s not your friend but a client.

4A clear call to action

All the marketing campaigns have an objective. Be it increasing the sales of a product, getting new clients, getting new subscribers, answering a poll, etc. For this, you want to influence your receivers to carry out this action. This is known as call to action. 

Text messages are usually short, so the call to action needs to be clear, concise, and concrete. For example, “take advantage of this 20% OFF and get our procuts at their best price”.

5 Test different schedules and styles 

This is a difficult point to get right during your first campaign, but as you make more and more, you can obtain valuable information about your clients behaviours. Using LabsMobile’s control panel, you can store all the data about your campaign and analyze them anytime. 

Then, you’ll be able to improve your schedule for sending SMS, depending on the best open rate you get. Using our platform you can use improve the focus of your messages and even understand if, by sending two messages, one is more effective than the other, for example. 

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