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The cases where SMS is most used

SMS is more current than ever. They are an ideal communication channel for businesses and especially for digital marketing, which is widely used by companies to improve their activity.

SMS can still contribute a lot to your company's communication and marketing strategies. In this article, we intend to show you some of the most effective and common uses so that you can capture attention and retain customers.

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Publication: 05.10.2022
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It should be noted that text messages provide an opening rate above 90%, in addition to being highly profitable based on the return on investment. With a platform like LabsMobile, it is possible to send SMS easily, quickly, and massively to different parts of the world. These messages can have different uses and objectives.

Next, we will see the 10 main uses of SMS.

The Most Common Use Cases for SMS


Flash Sales

Increasing sales is one of the main objectives of any business. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most used function of SMS is sales.

It is not about any type of sale, but the so-called flash sales. Through a text message, the aim is to create a need in the customer, which encourages them to make the purchase action.

These sales are limited in time, that is, the offer has a validity period. For example: “take advantage of up to 25% discount on your purchases only during this weekend”.

What generates this action is to encourage the user to start or end a purchase process with communication that they have received in a personalized way, on their mobile phone.

Apart from generating returns with the possible purchase, it is possible to build customer loyalty and be present in the long list of communications that can be received digitally.


Appointment Reminder

SMS is a great option for sending appointment reminders to clients. Clinics and health centers, banks, and hotels, among other businesses, use it to complete and remember management and sales information.

They allow for better management and optimizing staff tasks. They also generate savings because customers keep their appointment, or failing that, they notify their absence, which allows the agenda to be accommodated, therefore, granting that same shift to another client without losing the performance of the business itself and the workers.


Generate visits to physical stores

As we have seen, SMS is a very important communication channel and companies can get the most out of them.

One of the main uses is the generation of visits to physical stores. This is another way to increase sales as it drives customer visits. For example: "present this coupon in one of our physical stores and get a 20% discount".

With the explosion of online businesses and services, this technique will serve to bring your customers closer to a physical business, where they will not only be able to take advantage of personalized attention but will also be able to retain them with other advantages so that they continue generating visits.


Increase the traffic of a web page

On the web, more traffic means more revenue, more deals, and more notoriety. The more movement the site has, the easier it will be to find based on the algorithms on which internet searches are based and the more relevant our business will be.

In this case, in the text messages, it is possible to add external links that redirect the user to the company's website and get that traffic and that positioning that we are looking for.


Updates or notifications about the service

The high open rate of messages ensures that users get the information. As they are short, whoever reads them does not easily forget their content.

Thus, SMS can be used to notify users about any failure in the service, such as an unexpected outage, and when it will work correctly again. Also, about the temporary closure of premises, changes in access or security protocols, among other information.

Any information can be communicated immediately and directly since this communication stands out among the others and reaches a device that is unlikely to be accessed at the time.

The cases where SMS is most used


Event promotion

Companies hold events, either in person or online. You can invite customers via text message, asking for an RSVP.

From a New Year's Eve dinner, the opening of a new location, or a charity event, the options are many. SMS is of great help to notify users of this type of event.


Notifications of the change of schedules or stores

It is very common for businesses to make changes to their hours. For example, the change of summertime or wintertime at the end of each of the seasons.

The same happens with the opening of a new store, the closing of a store, the reopening after work has been carried out or even a change of location.

All this information can be notified directly and quickly through an SMS.



Upselling is the sales technique that consists of offering additional products after a sale. In general, it is a service superior to that purchased by the client.

A very clear example is a hotel reservation. With a text message, you can remind the user about their reservation, and take advantage of Upselling at the same time: “if you wish, a superior room is available, with a 15% discount”.


Orders ready to pick up

The “click and collect” phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. It is about notifying the customer that their purchase is ready to be picked up at the store or a collection point

Using an SMS, all the data on the withdrawal of the product can be sent: the address of the store, the opening and closing hours, etc. It is possible to notify the client one or two days in advance as an additional option so that he can organize himself and even modify the data if required. The main objective is to offer excellent service and maximum comfort to the customer so that they repeat the shopping experience without hesitation.


OTP Codes

SMS allow users to increase their security through single-use codes or OTP (One Time Password).

This is an extra security measure when making an operation, for example, a purchase with a credit card. Through a text message, a unique code is sent to confirm the movement.

With these authentication codes, fraud and identity theft can be avoided.

Companies that have implemented this double security step provide a more serious image and are more committed to security for the end customer.

SMS Codes

Top 10 SMS Use Cases

SMS is a fundamental part of digital marketing and allows all kinds of functions and objectives to be carried out. The LabsMobile platform is ideal for you to integrate text messages into your company's communications and strategies. With this, you will get comfort, ease, and all the tools you need within reach of the same platform.

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