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The best SMS publicity campaigns of 2020

The year 2020 was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was an unexpected situation that generated problems and inconveniences all over the world, especially in business. Considering lockdowns and confinements, in-person sales of products and services were almost non-existent. 

As a consequence, people needed to move towards ecommerce, that is, online sales through a digital platform. Businesses that didn’t have any online presence had a lot of difficulty when starting from scratch, while those who already had an online store had it easier.

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Publication: 02.01.2021
Última modificación: 04.20.2022

To increase their chances of growth and sales, companies used SMS marketing. By sending text messages, they made sure they kept their usual clients while trying to have new ones. Due to their needs, many companies used their creativity and wit to make the most out of their campaigns.

The most creative SMS campaigns

Creativity is always a crucial element when looking for success. It highlights this campaign over others and grabs the attention of people. Especially during the pandemic, this is a feature that can determine the success or failure of an SMS campaign. 

Starbucks, one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, uses the digital world to keep its status and even earn more clients. Their SMS campaigns are usual and they often send them as soon as the person becomes a customer. Then, they use humor as an additional element using funny phrases, images, or even memes through social media. 

Subway, a fast food chain also uses SMS to send constant promotions to their users. 

  • In the first place, it confirms the geographical place where their clients live and then they can determine the nearest shops and promotions. 
  • Once they obtain this information, they send frequent coupons through the week. Their SMS campaign analysis determines their success, performing better than other types of marketing. 

More creative examples

Jim Beam, a Bourbon brand, used SMS to increase its sales in exchange for offering a ticket for a raffle. This consisted in a VIP ticket for a live concert, with the trip included, when the pandemic was over. 

Home delivery using cellphone apps also became more important than ever. Rappi, and other similar companies, had permission to continue working as they were an essential service. Then, people don’t have to leave their homes to buy any product. In the case of Rappi, it tried to outshine the others by offering free delivery to new users, coupons and discounts using SMS.

Tourism and SMS during the pandemic

Flights, especially tourism, were cancelled almost entirely or reduced to the minimum. Then, the pages that dedicated themselves to offer low cost trips or holiday promotions had to adapt. For example, the page Viajeros Piratas transformed itself into an agency of data and information and sent important notices via SMS, such as cancelled flights, open hotels, and the opening or closure of borders. 

The best SMS publicity campaigns of 2020

As a consequence of the pandemic, companies had to adapt and turn to the digital to survive. In this difficult situation, SMS marketing campaigns became great options, helping businesses stay in touch with regular clients and earning new ones using wit and creativity. 

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