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Task list for an SMS API integration. Complete checklist

Thanks to technology, it is possible to integrate an SMS sending system into any software. This is achieved through an SMS API. You can add it to an existing platform, such as a website, a blog, or any Management Software or CRM.

In this way, any software or application will be able to send SMS messages automatically or when certain events or actions occur.

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Publication: 05.30.2022
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Before integrating an API, it is necessary to carry out a series of steps and tasks, to check that everything is in order and works. This process can be divided into three main steps: a preliminary analysis, the supplier's conditions, and the final tests.

Next, we will make a complete review of each of them.

The previous analysis

As the name suggests, this step involves doing some research on the functionality of the API and its provider. To do this, you must complete a series of requirements, which include:

  • Security: if all the security protocols for sending SMS are met, such as HTTPS connection, OTP 2FA or token authentication, filters by source IP, etc.
  • Technical support: the help provided by the service if necessary, and whether it is free or paid. In addition to the different tools such as tutorials, support via chat/ticketing, updated and quality documentation, etc.
  • Countries with coverage: the reach of the SMS. If it is local or if it has international arrival.
  • Sender: Personalizing the sender is very important so that users can immediately detect your brand.
  • Round-trip messages: in case you are looking for a response from the recipients.
  • Message Scheduling: The ability to create and schedule messages to be sent automatically.
  • Control panel: place where all the information about the SMS is stored, from delivery confirmation, message status, credit consumption, opening rate, failure details, etc.

With LabsMobile, you will find more than a satisfactory answer for each of these items.

You also have toselect the type of API you want for your platform. There are different variants, although not all are compatible based on what software you use. Some are easier to implement, and others are more complex.

The most common are: HTTP/POST XML format, HTTP/POST JSON format, HTTP/GET, WebServices, email2SMS, OneAPI.

Finally, we find the programming language or environment. All API versions are compatible with any programming language or environment, but there are some versions or technologies that are better adapted to some languages.

The provider's conditions

Once the preliminary analysis is finished, a study must be carried out on the conditions of the provider, in this case, LabsMobile.

The first part consists of the technical conditions. The provider has to offer an API that interests you and that is compatible with the programming environment or platform.

It also includes additional parameters that the service may have or features of interest that may be added. If possible, request a free trial account, even if it is for a limited time.

Then there are the economic conditions. In addition to the payment methods accepted by the supplier, three points must be kept in mind:

1 Message rates, depending on each country. The quality/price analysis is very important for your investment.

2 If the messages have an expiration date, or can be stored in the account until the time of use.

3 The existence of additional costs per month, year, or minimum consumption.

Finally, there are the legal conditions. Reading the conditions of use of the service, as well as the terms of the contract, is key.

The supplier's reputation also helps. The better it is, the more confidence and security it will provide.

In this case, it should be noted that at LabsMobile we have direct and highly reliable routes to offer a quality service to all platform users.

End Check

After the first two stages, it is time for the final tests. First of all, some proof of concept, to make sure that everything is ordered and on track.

You can start with a simple test, not the entire code, to verify the functionality and compatibility of the API. In turn, you can check if the provider provides integration assistance, either with a model, plugins, or programming code examples.

With this test, you will be able to find different types of errors, as well as delivery confirmations and waiting times. It's time to check the entire response to the API actions.

Finally, it's time to integrate all the API code into your platform. Before you start sending messages, pay attention to the final details:

  • The format of the phone numbers in your database must be correct for the API to work.
  • What will be the size of your SMS? If it is below 160 characters, there will be no problem, but if you plan to exceed it, you should use concatenated SMS.
  • Something similar happens with the type of characters. If you want to use some kind of special character, like an emoticon, you'll need Unicode messages.
  • Management of remaining credits or messages. If the API shows the number of messages you have available to send, you must do it from the provider's account.  

SMS API LabsMobile

LabsMobile SMS API

The LabsMobile service includes the integration of an API for sending SMS. Therefore, we are going to highlight certain features and elements of our platform.

As a first point, you have to configure the preferences of the account, which range from the language, the default country, the time zone, the currency to use, and a limited number of messages per day. It is also necessary to activate notifications, based on the wishes and preferences of each user.

As for security, it has an HTTPS protocol in the connection. To prevent anyone from entering the API and not compromising the account password, there is an API Token, as well as a Filter of allowed source IP addresses.

In special functions, we highlight:

  • The ability to send standard or Unicode messages
  • Anti-duplicate filters, so as not to send the same message twice
  • The tool to create allowed times for sending SMS. When the limit is exceeded, the messages are blocked.
  • Daily and per shipment maximums. We can create total limits on sending, and if they are exceeded, further messages are blocked.
  • One filter per country
  • Balance notifications, when you are about to run out of credits
  • Automatic top-ups can be configured so you don't lose time if you run out of credit.

Task list for an SMS API integration. Complete checklist

An API is a very useful tool that allows you to integrate sending SMS into your platform or software. If you are thinking of using one, LabsMobile is ideal. It gives you all the tools you need, with a high-end reputation and total convenience.

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