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Step-by-step bulk SMS sending

Have you ever considered sending bulk SMS? In this post we will cover all the steps of the process.

1 Log into your WebSMS account.

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Publication: 11.26.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022
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After you sign up you will receive a welcome email with the password. Access your account and enter your user name (email) and the password provided.

2 Welcome pack LabsMobile.

The first thing you will need in order to start sending SMS messages are credits. Get them by entering your billing information correctly, and proceed to validate your account.

3 Credits LabsMobile.

To send your first bulk SMS in Spain, check that you have enough credits in the "Messages" section of the top menu.

4 SMS sending form.

Enter "Send SMS - Send basic" within the menu. A form will be displayed containing help to fill each field.

5 Recipients.

Enter a phone number per line, including the corresponding prefix without symbols. For example: 0034 for Spain.

6 Message composition.

Modify the sender (that is, you) and create a message with a maximum of 160 characters.

7 Program sending

Select the date and time you wish to send it. If you do not program it, it will be sent immediately.

8 Confirm and send.

Once you have finished, click on "Send". A window will open where you can review all the selected parameters (number, text, sender and date).

9 Tracking the bulk SMS sending.

Once the messages have been sent, you can create reports with the data collected in the "Monitoring and Statistics" section. Here you may also check whether there were any errors.

Step-by-step bulk SMS sending

As you can see, starting a marketing campaign using bulk message sending is very easy. You will see the benefits in no time, since the cost of sending bulk SMS is very low in relation to its impact. Let's go! On to your new campaign!

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