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SMSLanding, the reinvention of SMS marketing

The most recent trend in mobile marketing centered around SMS messaging is called SMSLanding.

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Publication: 11.03.2016
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

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This marketing technique is simple: including a link to a website or landing page as part of the content of an SMS message. But its enormous possibilities and effectiveness means that SMSLanding a perfect method for businesses. Companies and institutions of any sector can take advantage of this technique to increase the effectivity of their marketing actions.

The key point is the high rate of opening and reading of an SMS, which is 98%. You could say that an SMS is “always” read and the rate of clicks on a link depends to a large extent on the sector and on the campaign, but you can guarantee that the percentage of clicks are between 30% and 80%. These statistics are pretty unbeatable, even more so if you share SMSLanding with other communication methods such as email, telemarketing, mass media etc.

The SMSLanding technique isn’t new but with the widespread growth of smartphones with an ever faster internet connection, it makes sense to add a link to web content or multimedia to enrich the SMS message. The current trend is to increase the functions of a landing page and to improve user experience with adapted and improved elements for mobile devices.

SMSLanding, the reinvention of SMS marketing

Landing pages often utilize SMSLanding to personalize and expand functionality. You could include the following resources:

  •  Calls to actionpersonalized and adapted to mobile phones. Examples can be buttons which call a specific telephone number or that open Google Maps to a specific address.

  •  Personalized content for your target audience. Currently the links that appear in SMS contain a unique code for each message, meaning that when the landing page is clicked on, the telephone number and specific user can be identified. The content and actions of the landing page can then be modified accordingly. One example would be to include the name of the user on the page itself.

  •  Unique data visualizations for mobile devices. Using a different method of presentation on mobiles produces fantastic results, making the campaign more effective at capturing and keeping the attention of users. Some examples include full-screen presentations or videos with a drag and drop touch screen.  

  •  Individual recipient statistics reports. The technique of SMS Landing generates a large quantity of data and statistics on the SMS campaign. Information about the user obtained from their interaction with the landing page can be added to information collected from the SMS campaign. Information which can be collected from the landing page includes:

  1. Validation of the user’s phone number  
  2. Statistics and information about SMS message delivery
  3. Click data and conversion rate
  4. Country and region of the visitor (data obtained through IP address)
  5. Geographic position, if geolocalization is active
  6. Operating system, browser and language
  7. Device or mobile phone of the user
  8. The actions and behavior of the user on the landing page.

In other words, SMSLanding does not just boast an outstanding opening and conversion rate, but allows you to obtain valuable data to create campaigns or foster customer loyalty in the future.

At LabsMobile we can provide you with an SMSLanding campaign service. Specialists in marketing, usability and design have prepared a complete catalogue of landing pages which can be adapted to any need, company and sector. We have also adapted to the WebSMS application and our platform to send this type of SMS campaign.

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