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SMS with customized sender

If you are a person who is interested in marketing or works on it, it is quite likely that reading this text, in which we will explain how to send SMS with a customized sender, is of interest to you.

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Publication: 02.22.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022


Why is it important to send SMS with a customized sender?

Sending SMS with a sender that identifies you as a company will help you make the difference between a mediocre SMS and a really professional one. This practice will decrease the likelihood of their ending up being eliminated by your potential customers.

Adding a sender will make the user recognize you as a professional, which will generate a greater sense of confidence in the client and will increase the opening rate of your messages.

Is it possible to customize the SMS sender?

Currently, there are platforms on the internet that help us send bulk text messages and allow us to change the sender of our SMS in digital marketing campaigns, among many other features.

How massive SMS sending platforms work?

To customize the sender according to the country and to personalize the name within the message are two options that you will find in the LabsMobile platform.  

To change the sender of our messages and customize each message automatically you will have to follow the next steps:

First you must access the platform and create an account by providing a user name, a password and all requested information.

Once you are registered into the platform, you must create or download a template, usually in Excel format, where you must add your customer database.

This file must contain on the left side the message text you want to send. To add your customers you must go line by line and copy each user's data (name, phone number and all the information you find appropriate).

When you finish making this file, you will have to give it a name to recognize it.  Example: Users from Mallorca. Then you must upload it to the platform.

Customize the sender and send messages

You already have a list of users to send your messages to and now you can send your campaigns.

From here you can set up your bulk SMS messages in "Send SMS". Here you can select your recipients. From this option we also get to change the sender's name.

Once you have completed the previous steps, everything will be much simpler and you will be able to write messages with variables. To complete the sending you will only have to click on send, after checking that all the data is correct first (date, time, senders and recipients).

Check sending status and results. SMS with customized sender

Normally, you can check the sending status on these platforms . You will only have to find the corresponding section that is usually called "Sending Status" or "Campaigns".

We hope for this article to be useful for mass SMS sending with a customized sender.

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