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SMS text messages. How should they be?

Digital marketing campaigns are one of the most important current tools that companies have for their growth. They can be carried out by using different methods, but SMS messages are the best option nowadays. The advantages include immediacy, speed, high opening and reading rate, bulk sending, among others.

Each SMS campaign must have a clear objective, which defines the actions that will be taken. Increasing sales is the most common goal, but there may be others, such as promoting a new product, subscribing to a newsletter or blog, among others. Good SMS writing is the key to achieve success and meet your objective.

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Publication: 12.22.2020
Última modificación: 10.13.2022
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Different tools can be used in an SMS campaign to maximize its performance. You have to take advantage of them since the difference between a well-written text message and a poorly written one is abysmal.

What tools can be used to compose an SMS?

To fulfill the objective of the campaign, the writing of an SMS is key. If you need help, don't worry. You will have different tools that will aid you in this process. Using these techniques improves the success rate, and they are easy to verify. On the LabsMobile dashboard, for example, you can analyze all the data and information about the campaign.

Here are the main tools available:

Number of characters

One of the advantages of SMS messaging is its limited number of characters. It seems like a contradiction, but since messages are short, recipients can read them quickly and keep the information in their memory.

For that reason, the content of the messages must be accurate and only with the necessary information. Do not overdo it or add irrelevant information to reach the maximum number of characters available.

Call to Action

The expression Call to Action refers to a phrase that encourages the recipient to carry out the action that the campaign is aimed at. It must be concrete, easy to understand, and motivating for the customer.

For example: "Take advantage of Christmas discounts and buy gifts for your family."

SMS Landing

Text messages can be accompanied by an external link, which takes the client to a complementary page with more information. This is called SMS Landing. It can work through a link or a QR code.

This tool allows you to send additional information, without exceeding the character limit.

SMS text messages. How should they be?


Generic messages are not attractive to recipients. They take them as a string of SMS messages, sent by a bot. To achieve greater engagement, personalization of the SMS message is necessary. Thanks to a database, it is possible to achieve a more direct relationship with customers. It is ideal to begin each message with the name of the person, and a greeting.

Possibility to unsubscribe

Companies usually have a database with their clients’ information. At some point, they were able to obtain that data, either with a form when making a purchase, with club membership, or a special card. From that moment on, they can send text messages.

However, customers have the option to unsubscribe and stop receiving SMS messages. Therefore, the company must send a link at the end of the message that offers the client this possibility.

SMS Text Message Examples

LabsMobile has all the necessary tools to write a complete text message for a marketing campaign. These are some examples:

"Good afternoon, Ricardo! Take advantage of discounts of up to 20% when making your purchases online during this weekend. Do not miss it! Click here (SMS Landing) to see our available products. To unsubscribe, click here. "

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