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SMS SUCCESS STORY: Women's Clothing E-Commerce Business

With LabsMobile, thousands of SMS were delivered in 3 seconds, a complete success”

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Publication: 02.14.2022
Última modificación: 06.13.2022

How to Improve User Experience and Communication via SMS

Starting Point

Our women's clothing e-commerce store sells women's clothing and accessories to over 60,000 users. This e-commerce business has managed to position its brand in just 2 years and retain its customers with a 90% success rate. Yes, just like you read it! 90% of users have come back to buy again. On top of this, more than new 500 customers place orders every day.

New Challenge

This e-commerce business approached LabsMobile with the challenge of finding an efficient way to communicate with its customers, inform them about the status of their orders, and find out their subsequent opinion about the buying process. 

This online store can no longer do this via email since these messages were buried among thousands of spam and unwanted emails in people’s inboxes. For this reason, they were looking for an efficient alternative that would allow this type of important order confirmation message to always reach the recipient.

To top this off, traditional call centers became more overwhelmed with calls as store orders increased. And it was not easy to manage all the customer support that was required.

What’s the Solution?

The Marketing department of this e-commerce business contacted LabsMobile to find a solution to their problem. After considering several options, they opted for our platform because of the human quality of our support team, the ease of use of the platform, the extras that the LabsMobile platform offers, such as the landing page editor, and without a doubt, the cost, which is among the lowest in the Spanish market. They also wanted to integrate their e-commerce order management software with our LabsMobile API quickly and easily. In this way, in a few days, they could start sending SMS messages to their clients.

Improving the user experience, customer service and communication was easy thanks to LabsMobile. This allowed them to improve conversion and retention rates, as customers trusted the brand and knew where their orders were at all times.

Results of Sending SMS in an E-Commerce With LabsMobile

This online women's clothing store currently sends more than 500 SMS a day between confirmation requests, personalized offers and service surveys. These messages arrive in seconds. Plus, in the LabsMobile platform, you can see all the statistics, potential failures, and more. Now, this client wants to increase the use of SMS to give more information to their customers and also cross-sell promotions. That is to say that, if a client bought a sweater, the e-commerce store wants to send them an SMS with a personalized message offering them a jacket, a skirt and a bag that go with this sweater.

Another option that they are discussing with our team is sending SMS texts to recover an abandoned cart during the purchase process. In other words, this means that when a client leaves a set of items in the cart for a couple of days, this e-commerce client wants a message to be automatically scheduled so that their customer receives a reminder that they still have items waiting for them in the shopping cart. In addition, these messages can encourage people to complete the purchase by sending discounts.

Final Thoughts on Sending SMS in a Women's Clothing E-Commerce

Satisfaction has increased among the clientele. Fewer people are concerned about the status of their orders. And the e-commerce support center has lowered its personnel expenses because they don't need as much phone support.

Sending SMS for order confirmations is a fundamental strategy in e-commerce and puts the customers and their care at the center of all operations.

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