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Sending SMS: a way to communicate with your clients directly

SMS never stopped being effective, and even though they have been tried to be replaced by instant messages via social networks or emails, none of these alternatives have been so successful even today. Sending text messages is one of the best strategies to communicate with your clients in a direct and cheap way.

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Publication: 11.25.2019
Última modificación: 06.08.2023

SMS and how they can help you communicate with your clients

We live in a connected world, where we almost always carry our smartphones with us. Think about it for a moment: how many Whatsapp messages do you get every hour? How many emails? How many pings from your social networks? 

The high number of notifications any person receives every day results in us not opening all of them. So, one of the main advantages of SMS marketing is that 97% of users open these messages in the first 15 minutes after receiving them. This makes communication much more rapid and direct. But how can you use this type of messages in your marketing strategy?

How SMS help to improve communication with your clients

Apart from the high opening rate they have, it is important to highlight that SMS is sent via a very accessible channel since you must not forget that around 96% of adults in Spain have a mobile phone. It does not matter if these phones have Internet access or not, because it’s not necessary to send these text messages, making them simple to read by any user.

On the other hand, we must say it is a channel through which we barely receive spam. This is related to the previous point. As we don’t get a lot of spam via SMS, users tend to read them quickly as they understand they are messages that can be important or have valuable information.

Plus, it is a very affordable strategy overall. In fact, LabMobile has very important worldwide clients that are already using this system in a very efficient way.

The data you get allows you to analyze and track down your return of investment (ROI), to supervise the opening rate of those messages and the identification of clients. This means that SMS is not a channel that does not allow you to carry out an efficient follow-up.

All in all, as we can use the data that the analysis shows, companies can design very concrete campaigns. This not only means that they will have a better and more adjustable ROI, but that there will also be an important economic saving. 

Sending SMS: a way to communicate with your clients directly

In conclusion, using SMS, companies can get in touch with their clients, classifying them according to their profile. This way, results improve. 

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