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SMS satisfaction surveys. Examples of satisfaction surveys by SMS

It is increasingly important that companies are aware of their customers' opinion about their products, their services or even their customer care.

The problem appears when those businesses do not know how they can proceed to acquire that information.

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Publication: 01.15.2019
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

There are some extremely useful tools, such asSMS satisfaction surveys, that can help measure the liking of customers or workers. They are also more effective than emails or physical mailboxes.

SMS satisfaction surveys

1 Quality surveys by SMS: what are they for?

For companies it is vital to know certain opinions. This can only be achieved by asking the clients, listening to the answers and, of course, analyzing the results.

Quality surveys can be done in multiple ways. However, one of the most comfortable, both for the company and for customers, is by SMS.

It is a comfortable and effective way to achieve a much higher response rate. This is because quality surveys by SMS are much less intrusive in the lives of customers. In addition, they are adapted to current times and are much more modern. They are easy to answer.

2 How can satisfaction questionnaires be attached to an SMS?

Sending surveys through text messages can be done in a very simple way.

There are companies that have very intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow the questionnaires to be fully customized.

Through these applications or pages, you can choose logos, questions, answers and texts.

Once the quality survey is finished, it will simply have to be added to the body of the message through a link.

Subsequently, this will be sent to the client or the employee and the results will be awaited.

3 Examples of satisfaction questionnaires by SMS

SMS satisfaction questionnaires can be of various types, depending in large part on the business they refer to and what they want to obtain from them.

In this way, you can find value-oriented, targeted or ranking questionnaires. The latter are where the questioned is asked about their assessment of products or services, scoring on a numerical scale.

SMS satisfaction surveys. Examples of satisfaction surveys by SMS

You can also use open questionnaires, where the client has the possibility of giving free answers, or even others with a Likert-type scale, where sentences are offered with which one must show agreement or disagreement.

For example, it is possible to find surveys by SMS for a restaurant, in which you have to evaluate with different answers such as "good", "neutral" or "bad".

For example, with questions like: "How do you rate the quality of our dishes? Are you happy with the service offered? What do you think about the speed of attention? Would you repeat with us? And finally, would you recommend us to a friend? ".

In conclusion, satisfaction surveys by SMS can make the difference between the success and failure of actions and campaigns by a company.

Knowing this technique will be the key to success, especially if you know how to trust trustworthy companies such as LabsMobile that facilitate work and ensure the achievement of objectives.

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