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SMS Module for Vtiger

We have recently developed a module for sending SMS messages from CRM Vtigeer, leading CRM software used by more than 100,000 businesses globally.

Vtiger is an open source CRM application with modules which allow commercial management, marketing, customer service and inventory and stock management. Vtiger was born in 2004, based on the SugerCRM project, and has been modified and improved from then until now, with huge acceptance into the business world.

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Publication: 04.01.2016
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

One of the functions of Vtiger is the SMS Notifier module which allows you to send SMS messages to contacts created in the application. You can send both bulk and individual messages easily from lists of contacts. It's also possible to send automated SMS messages by configuring notifications in the Vtiger workflows.

Currently the optional module SMS Notifier is prepared for a number of international gateways and it's possible to add new gateways simply and easily. We've therefore adapted this module for sending SMS with Vtiger - both version 5.x and version 6.x.

SMS Module for Vtiger

There are many possible applications of SMS in a software like Vtiger. These are some of the ideas which can be useful for a large number of businesses.

  • Bulk SMS messaging in marketing and customer loyalty campaigns. Messages at the beginning of the campaign, reminders containing information, discount codes etc.
  • SMS notifications containing information on stock turnover.
  • SMS alerts for new cases of customer service and notifications of changes in status.
  • Confirmation of commercial visits.

To install this module in your Vtiger CRM, follow the instructions on our website.

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