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SMS marketing: tips for a successful campaign

SMS marketing: an effective method for increasing profits

Below we will give you a series of SMS marketing tips to help you sell your services and products in an effective and friendly manner.

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Publication: 09.14.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

Make sure the person who receives your messages has allowed you to do so. You should never send a message to someone who has not given you permission. Remember, you created your campaign to sell your product; you don’t want to be associated with hassle.

You should be clear to the client if sending an SMS is free or not. There is nothing worse than having a surprise telephone bill. If the customer understands that they will have to pay to receive the message, this will avoid future problems.

Practical tips for before you start

  • Clarity. The customer has to know, at a glance, the name of your company and what you are selling. If it’s an offer, summarize it as much as possible. If you can, use an image that shows all the details.
  • Be original. To have a strong impact you need an original message. Surprise your customers with striking and unique tag lines. Don’t copy your competitors. Be brave and offer your products and services in a novel way.
  • Regularity. You won’t sell more by sending more. We recommend you send two messages per month. The absolute maximum you should send is four per month.
  • Don’t annoy your customers. SMS messages should be sent to customers at appropriate times. Avoid sending them early in the morning or late at night, or you could risk losing customers.
  • Use language that’s easy to understand. The customer should be able to know what’s on offer by just looking briefly at the message. Use short phrases and simple words.
  • Include a call to action in your message. If you include a hyperlink with a call to action, you will get a higher number of purchases.
  • Give value to your SMS message. Send messages that contain offers, for example, "Show this message at the counter, and you will get extra discount". Don’t let your SMS messages get deleted – try to enhance their value.
  • Use SMS to support other advertising campaigns. Email campaigns are often launched and coincided with SMS campaigns. Sending the customer an SMS to check if the email was received will make the client want to read it immediately.
  • Start by pampering your customer. It is important that the customer knows that receiving these SMS messages will bring them benefits. The more offers a customer receives, the more loved they will feel by your company. Take advantage of this and improve your offers.
  • Include an option to stop receiving messages. It may seem counterproductive, but it isn’t. The customer always has to believe that they have the power to halt communication if they want. If the customer receives messages and doesn’t read them, it’s because they are not interested in what you are sending.

SMS marketing: tips for a successful campaign

We hope that we have helped you in your next SMS marketing campaign. Nowadays, it is fundamental in any business to understand the power of the smartphone.

The ease of simply sending a message to a customer which converts to a purchase in seconds is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Following these tips will make your marketing campaign more effective, and spread its reach.

Remembering these tips will make it easier to improve the public image of your company. Many customers prefer this type of marketing because it is considered less invasive.

If you follow this advice, it will be much easier to increase your sales, and most importantly, increase your customer base.

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