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¿Do you know how to create a successful SMS marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day?

It is very common to look for ways to come up with an innovative Valentine’s Day campaign as part of your SMS marketing strategy. Nowadays, sending SMS is nothing like it was five years ago. The internet has brought some incredible benefits to this powerful tool for businesses - and SMS Landing is one of these.

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Publication: 01.14.2019
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

Send SMS on Valentine’s Day: say more with bulk SMS messaging

When designing an SMS campaign for business, it is important to bear in mind some fundamental points. On commercial days of the year like Valentine’s Day, it is easier to achieve a higher conversion rate. However, SMS campaigns require attention to certain details.

As well as making sure to send messages at the right time according to your target market, it is important to avoid repeating messages, at the risk of angering customers that might interpret receiving multiple messages as invasive. On the other hand, originality is key.

How can you break the mold? Key points on how to design original SMS campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

Coming up with original ideas is not an easy task, although you can achieve if through options like SMS Landing. Thanks to this alternative, you can design SMS campaigns that bring more than just words, by including a link to an external website. This opens the door to displaying an animated greetings card, or a gift in the form of a note or some personalized words, for example.

To make sure your business stands out, your SMS messages should have a personal touch. You could segment by age, for example, varying the message according to the recipients. The receiver will be sure to appreciate it.

How to create a successful SMS marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day?

At LabsMobile, we provide an SMS Landing editor to clients, that you can try out at no additional cost. Put together a Valentine’s Day campaign with ease and increase your chances of achieving great results with SMS marketing.

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