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SMS integration with PRTG application

Now you can send SMS alerts and notifications from the PRTG Network Monitor monitoring application integrated with the LabsMobile platform.

What is the PRTG Network Monitor application?

PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring application developed by the German company Paessler AG. It is used to monitor and control the status and performance of a computer network as well as the devices and services connected to it.

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Publication: 06.16.2023
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The PRTG Network Monitor application allows network administrators to collect real-time data on network traffic, bandwidth, device availability, quality of services, among other aspects. It uses standard protocols such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), NetFlow, sFlow and others to obtain detailed information on network status.

With PRTG Network Monitor, administrators can set up customizable alerts and notifications to receive alerts when important events occur, such as device crashes, network congestion or performance problems. The application also offers visualization and reporting tools to analyze and present the collected data in an intuitive way.

PRTG Network Monitor is a flexible and scalable solution, suitable for both small home networks and large enterprise infrastructures. It provides a complete overview of the network environment, enabling administrators to quickly detect and fix problems, optimize performance and plan future enhancements.

In short, PRTG helps in the maintenance and troubleshooting of even the most complex infrastructure. The SMS channel, due to its particularities, can also help in this task by immediately alerting those responsible.

SMS Alerts from PRTG

One of the basic functionalities of the PRTG Network Monitor application is to send alerts and notifications to the respective administrators or contacts. And one of the main channels is SMS. You can define groups of alerts and mobile numbers to which the different notifications can be sent.

To configure the sending of SMS alerts in PRTG, an SMS gateway or an SMS service provider, such as LabsMobile, that supports integration with the application is generally required. PRTG provides flexible configuration options for setting the SMS sending parameters, such as the destination number, message content and conditions that will trigger the alert sending.

In addition to sending SMS, PRTG Network Monitor also offers the ability to send alerts through other channels, such as email, instant messages, phone calls, push notifications, among others. This allows network administrators to receive alerts on the devices and applications that are most convenient for them.

How to send SMS alerts from PRTG with LabsMobile?

If you want to send SMS alerts from PRTG using LabsMobile as your SMS service provider, you can do so using PRTG's integration with a compatible REST API. 

Below are the general steps to set up the integration:

  1. Sign up with LabsMobile: First, you will need to create a LabsMobile account if you don't already have one. You can do this by visiting their website and following the registration process.
  2. Obtain API credentials: Once you have created your LabsMobile account, you will need to obtain the API credentials needed to communicate with the platform. This usually includes an access token or a key pair (API key and secret key).
  3. Set up SMS notification in PRTG: In the PRTG interface, go to the "Notifications" settings and select the option to add a new notification method. Choose "HTTP Request" or "HTTP Action" (depending on the version of PRTG you are using).
  4. Configure the HTTP request parameters: Fill in the HTTP request details, such as the LabsMobile API URL, the HTTP method (GET), the parameters required for authentication (access token or API keys) and the message-specific parameters, such as the destination number and the SMS content.
  5. Customize the message content: You can use variables or placeholders in the message body to include information relevant to the alert, such as the sensor name, current value, date and time, etc.
  6. Test and save the configuration: Before saving the configuration, perform tests to make sure that the integration works correctly. PRTG will allow you to simulate a notification to verify that the test SMS is sent correctly. If everything is set up correctly, save the configuration.

Once these steps are completed, PRTG will send alerts to LabsMobile via the REST API every time a notification is triggered according to the conditions defined in your sensors. LabsMobile will take care of sending the SMS to the destination number specified in the configuration.

Use Cases

PRTG is definitely a versatile tool that can be used to monitor a wide variety of parameters and scenarios in a network environment. 

Here are some of the most widespread uses of the PRTG application and possible SMS communications.

  1. Server or physical machine parameter monitoring: PRTG can monitor and alert on the usage of critical resources on servers or physical machines, such as disk space, CPU load, memory, among others. Configuring SMS alerts based on predefined limits allows administrators to receive immediate notifications when these parameters exceed critical levels, enabling them to take quick action to avoid performance problems or outages.
  2. Anomaly detection in processes or applications: PRTG can be configured to monitor the execution of processes or applications on a machine and detect any anomalies or failures. By using custom scripts or commands in combination with PRTG's alerting capabilities, it is possible to send SMS alerts when an interruption in the process is detected or when unexpected errors occur, enabling early resolution of problems.
  3. Monitoring the availability of a URL or website: PRTG can perform periodic checks on the availability of a specific URL or website. If it detects a crash or the lack of expected content on the page, it can be configured to send SMS alerts to inform administrators about the situation. This is especially useful for critical websites or online resources, where early problem detection and immediate response are critical to minimize downtime and ensure an optimal user experience.

In summary, PRTG Network Monitor provides a wide range of monitoring and notification capabilities that can be used in conjunction with SMS communications to ensure the availability, performance and integrity of systems and services on a network. By leveraging these functionalities, administrators can respond quickly and effectively to any critical event or anomaly, thereby reducing downtime and improving the user experience.

Integrating PRTG with LabsMobile allows you to leverage the SMS channel to receive important alerts and notifications quickly and effectively. 

Do you have questions, queries or problems integrating with LabsMobile? Contact LabsMobile technical support, they will help you to facilitate the process and get the most out of the SMS channel.

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