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SMS in the medical sector. SMS appointment reminders in the medical sector

21% of people forget their medical appointments. Reminders sent by SMS help to prevent absences and manage last minute changes.

Sending an SMS is one of the best ways of managing appointments in the medical sector.

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Publication: 01.24.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

According to the statistics, 91% if adults have a mobile phone and open their messages in just 90 seconds, meaning possible misunderstandings and oversights can be avoided.

Better communication means more flexibility for last minute changes. Appointments can be cancelled in advance, allowing spaces in the diary to be filled quickly by other users.

SMS in the medical sector

Using bulk SMS messaging is a lot more effective than telephone calls. 16.6% of telephone calls are not picked up, whereas bulk SMS messages are read by 98% of users.

This means that the probability of the patient attending the appointment at the right time is hugely increased. It's also worth highlighting the reduction in costs in the management of appointments with bulk SMS compared to telephone calls, which cost, on average, around 12,000 euros.

41% of users prefer using the SMS reminder system for its speed, efficiency and convenience.

Medical clinics are increasingly opting for SMS messaging platforms such as LabsMobile. By using bulk SMS messaging to communicate with their client database, they can increase customer confidence and loyalty and ensure that more patients are attended.

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