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SMS in online education and digital products as part of your business

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    Today, online education has become really popular. For example, most universities offer people the chance of studying online. For this to happen, they use platforms that give students the possibility of interacting with teachers and partners from the comfort of their homes. In truth, the time of noticeboards and traditional classes is over. Today, people use their phones and computers for everything. And SMS in online education has become one of the most effective means of communication with these students, in addition to social media networks, chats, and online platforms. 

    Yes, messages that arrive at your mobile phone are useful for support in relation to online educational platforms. They are a way to communicate with the students, families, and institutions in a fast and reliable way. 

    SMS in online education and digital products as part of your business

    An SMS arrives immediately at the number of people you desire. Maybe it’s the most efficient means of communication, as people are using their smartphones virtually all the time. 

    Now, what type of information can an educational center communicate with an SMS? The answer is everything related to the institution and its courses. From enrollment, events, extracurricular activities, courses, and much more. Also, they can inform about administrative tasks like payments, authorizations, alerts in general, absences, etc. All of this will allow for data to flow all the time. 

    Seasonal Offers

    Through SMS in online education, you can offer in a clear and concise way promotion for a limited period. You can write a brief text with information about the product and a link for people to get more data. An educational center can offer, for example, a course or extracurricular activity that is offered for a while. 

    In this way, users can buy a course immediately, without having to go to the institution and carry out unnecessary paperwork. Using an app, students can sign up and pay using their mobile devices. The main objective of the SMS is to create a feeling of urgency because the time limit is approaching or there are not many vacancies left.

    Absence Notifications

    For a parent, it is very important to know his or her child arrived safely at the institution. With an SMS, the educational center can inform you whether your child arrived on time or if he or she was absent. This is an immediate way to inform about the student’s presence in class. 

    The content of the SMS must be brief and concise, including the date and time of the absence, data about the student and the school. Of course, the main objective is to reduce absenteeism and to control inappropriate behavior.


    Information about Enrollment

    Sending an SMS with information about enrollment and its cost is an efficient way to inform students and parents. These can include a link to the landing page with more information so that people understand what they are paying for and whether they are in debt of any installment. 

    The objective is to inform but also to generate the wish to pay, avoiding unpaid installments and refunds. Besides, this way you can reduce expenditure in administrative personnel, ink, and paper. It is an easy and cheap solution for any educational center.

    LabsMobile, the best solution in communication

    In LabsMobile, we offer information solutions like SMS templates for companies. For example, you can send mass messages to your users and optimize the revenue or your company or educational center. Optimize your time and save money by using SMS as a means of communication. 

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