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SMS in Colombian schools

In Colombia, using SMS massively is not very popular in educational centers. This means we are not fully taking advantage of all the benefits short messages have when having fluid communication with students and parents.

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Publication: 09.25.2020
Última modificación: 06.15.2022

Why schools in Colombia should use SMS

You need to know there are many reasons that make this system a very effective means of communication to notify students and families about every process related to their education.

The first one is that, as of today, very few people don't have a mobile line. Text messages can reach practically anyone, from adolescents to kids.

Besides, messages arrive in just seconds, users get notifications and then can access those messages anytime, anywhere.

SMS during the Coronavirus crisis 

Colombian schools can improve the communication experience in their academic community by using mass messages to notify them of grades, new vacancies, tuition fees, cultural events, graduations, congratulations, etc. But above all, they can inform of safety measures in times of the pandemic. 

The cost in time and money when sending mass SMS is very short. To simplify the process, you only have to open an account, create the message, put money in the account, enter the numbers in your database and send the SMS massively.

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